Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mock Blog Post

I think I actually did it.

I forgot to do this :O

Even though I have already forgotten to do our first homework, I want to say I am so excited about this class! I cannot wait for the LGBQA panel and the transgender panel. It will be nice for those in our class to be fully informed, as well as be able to ask questions that they have always wanted to. Even the annoying ones like "Why do you like girls/guys?".

First Blog Post

I always thought that describing my feelings came easy to me, but after I commented in class about the question "Is oral sex a way of abstinence?" (or something along those lines), I had a realization that I'm not comfortable talking about sex.  Even though I grew up in a household that didn't shy away talking about it, when it comes to talking to people I don't know about sex it scares me.  I worry that I'm going to embarrass myself in front of the whole class.  I plan to overcome my fears.  Blogging will be an excellent way for us too analyze our own thoughts on issues that we have never thought of.  Also, this class will help me in discussing sexuality with my daughter, who turned 9 last November.  I plan on reading the children's books with her so that we can have educated conversations about what sex is and what it is all about.  I believe that this will be even more difficult for me then having conversations in class with classmates. Lol  

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sexuality Post #1.

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from this class, but I personally feel as though this sort of class should be offered within high schools. Growing up, my parents never really talked to me about sex on any level, good or bad. Teens need a resource to go to aside from Google and Yahoo answers to learn about their curiosities. I'm very interested to learn more about this class. 

Week One Post

Growing up, I was never given much sex education. I am excited to see what this class has in store, and I hope that it pushes my out of my comfort zone and that makes me think about new things. I lost my virginity to my boyfriend when I was 16 years old and we rarely ever used condoms and I was not on birth control. I was too afraid to tell my mom because I was raised very religiously so I knew she would flip out on me and make me stop seeing him. After a year a having sex and keeping it from my mom, I decided to tell her I was thinking about doing it and she told me it was wrong and gave me a book "501 reasons why not to have sex". This is why I chose to tell her I wouldn't and continued to keep it a secret. However, at this point I was smart enough to get on birth control. If i was more educated as a girl about the safety precautions I would never had acted so dangerously with my body. The sex education we had in our schools was just standard video that we would watch one year growing up. We were only required to take one health class which went over sex education over a short period of time. I hope that throughout this class I am able to learn the information I didn't as a child and pass it on to my children and any child whom's path I cross in the future.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Post #1

The first week two weeks of class have been super awesome! I didn't know what to expect and I really like our teacher and can tell this is going to be a super fun class. Not really a fan of writing but the whole blogging thing shouldn't be to shabby since we don't have to be proper which makes life way easier in the writing aspect! I'm super pumped to learn about everything this semester and really go into depth about our bodies and sex! Anyways peace out, first blog o v e r.... *drops mic*


I am excited for this semester!

In Class what we talked about

During the class discussion there were a lot of point that were made to open my eyes about how others were taught about the birds and the bees. Honestly after hearing some of the stories that were told I feel that my parents did a excellent job with informing me and also making it to where I felt comfortable being able to confront them with questions that I had. Also some of the ways that others learning about sex was a very interesting way of learning, an example of this would be learning from porn. However it kind of makes since. All in all I found the whole class very enlightening. 

First week post

The first week of class was really fun! I enjoyed getting so see everyones opinion during the question activity on Monday. And at the same time I learned about my own opinions. The questions asked were things that I had never thought of. I learned about my opinion but by learning everyone else's opinion I was able to see other points of view and be more open minded. On Wednesday I realized that I never really had sex education. The only people I was able to talk to about sex was my friends, which isn't always the best option as we were all learning at the same time. My parents would never talk to me about it, they were raised by parents who wouldnt even acknowledge a pregnancy; they would find out about a new sibling once it was born already. Being the oldest child I did not have an older sibling to go to. I don't want my kids to grow up afraid to talk to me about sex or to go to inexperienced friends for advice. I hope to be better prepared than my parents were.

First Sexuality Post

So far the class is amazing as a whole and I'm very excited to learn more about how sexuality works throughout the lifespan. Even though there's so many of us in one class, I'm extremely interested in how many other views there will be on the topics discussed in class. Professor Stone's teaching style seems like it will make this easier to achieve. Plus, I've never been into blogs, so using this now is going to be very different, but it's probably the most creative way for students to interact with each other. I'm really just hoping that this class has fun while not only learning about other's sexuality, but ours as well.

First Post...

I've never blogged for any reason, inside a class or out, so this will definitely be a new experience for me. I guess the idea of writing out my thoughts never really appealed to me, but I think the subject of these blogs is interesting so I'm a little excited. I'm pretty interested to see what kind of things the other students write and to see how open they are. Even though this is anonymous, I know I'm going to feel odd writing down such personal info, but I'll definitely tough it out for the sake of the class.

I've always been interested in the topic of sexuality. I've taken another sexuality class at txst, consider myself a LBGTQIA ally, and all of my speech topics in communication were related to sexual health/awareness. I actually want to be a sexual psychologist (if that even is a thing haha) so it goes without saying I'm pretty pumped for this class.

Since this is just a test post, I'll keep it short and sweet. Overall, I'm pretty excited about this assignment.
I am extremely excited about this class thus far. This is by far my favorite and most interesting class. I have never actually had to write a blog before so I'm not exactly certain which way to take this. But something I hope we touch base on in this class, since it's sexuality all the way through the lifespan, is the epidemic of the spread of STDs in nursing homes. I read a story on Facebook a few months ago that talked about how there is a lack of education on safe sex practices within nursing home, resulting in the spread of STDs, especially herpes. I feel like this is relevant because as we talked each generation back, they had less comprehensive sexual education. Which would make perfect sense that our grandparents and great grandparents lack the extensive knowledge that we have available to us today.

Sexuality Blog

So far I'm enjoying this class a lot. It's a very interesting and fun class to learn. Ms. Stone is very funny, NOT funny looking but just a fun person, she knows how to make class fun and she knows how to engage us and stay focus on the subject. I really enjoyed the activity we did on Tuesday, where we expressed our opinions about the statements Ms. Stone made. That activity gave me the opportunity to express my opinions and understand that there is different sides to everything and it's not necessarily a bad or wrong thing. I hope we get to do this activity or similar activities like this one again. For sure, I Know I will enjoy and learn many things from this class, so I'm really looking forward to it. I've done this blogging thing with a different class before, and from my experience I believe it's a great idea, cause I would love to hear other people’s opinions, especially if they are from my classmates.

Sex Ed

Well, when it came to sex my parents didn't really teach me anything. Everything I learned was mainly from my own experiences and from media. My parents covered puberty but that's about it. All I was told was to wait for the right person. I wish they had told me more because then I feel like things would be really different for me. 

I also learned a little bit from the health class that I took in 8th grade but still it was mainly abstinence, reproduction and STDs. There was nothing about how when you have a one night stand you feel attached but also feel used. I didn't learn from class or my parents that when you start having sex you kind of feel the need to have sex with people just to feel that connection you used to get before sex. 

I wish I learned things before my experiences but I also know that I will teach my kids more than my parents taught me. 

First post!!

Really enjoying this class so far! didn't know what to expect but was surprised with how much critical thinking is involved. It is kinda difficult to expiain exactly why you stand on particular topics that you have a strong opinion on. After the forced choice class activity i went home and asked my boyfriend the same questions and where he stood on them. I think when you are not in a public setting such as a classroom you can be a little more opinionated and show biased or steryotypes. I think it would be interesting to see if he changed his mind or gave different explanations if he had been the classroom; or if people in the classroom would have given different answers in a private setting with someone knew asking the questions. Food for thought.

First post!

I love this class so far! This is the most interactive class that I've been in so far at Texas State. The activity that we did on Monday was really interesting and I liked that each group was able to discuss why they felt the way they did on each issue. I've taken one other course related to sexuality and I really enjoyed it and I'm hoping to expand on that knowledge! I'm really interested in the guest panels we're going to be having. I feel like this is going to be a really fun and interesting class. :)

Human Sexuality YAY!

Out of all the classes i'm taking this semester, this is definitely the one that I'm enjoying the most. Mrs.Stones teaching methods are very different from the traditional and it also doesn't hurt that she is very funny. I like that she engages the whole class as this allows the sharing of diverse of ideas and opinions. I am still a little afraid to voice my opinions but i do hope that in a couple of weeks i'll be able to step out of my comfort zone and participate in classroom decision. At the moment I am content with just listening to my peers on their opinions on different matters. I hope that by the end of the semester i can take many things away from this class.

Test Post

I'm really excited that we get to blog as part of this class. I have a blog that I started over the summer but I got so busy that I couldn't really post regularly anymore, so I hope that blogging throughout this semester will help me get my mojo back :) I enjoy blogging because I feel like it's a way to informally express yourself and it can really tap into your creativity. I'm taking this class as a required elective for my minor (FCD) and I hope to get way more insight on sexuality across through all ages of life. I hope to be more educated on sexuality and even the act of sex itself so that I can educate my peers, younger cousins, siblings, friends etc. I feel like this class will be really beneficial and also an interesting topic. I like the way we have class discussions and do activities in class. It's much better than looking at slides and copying them down( even though I've done that most of my college career), but it's good to have a change in one of my courses at least. Feeling really optimistic about this semester! :)

Test Post

Thursday was my first day in class and I had no idea what to expect from it, easy to say it seems like it will be a fun class. I enjoy the amount of participation the class had it seemed as if no one was afraid to speak up which is great in the classroom. Also this is a class environment but that does not stop us from laughing and having a good time which is great considering some topics we will go over can be sensitive topics for people. I really hope the classroom continues in this fashion. Also Ms.Stone seems like she will be a very fun teacher for the class. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm really looking forward to having a good time this semester with the rest of you, hope you all feel the same.

Test Blog

So far I have enjoyed this class. I like the activities we do during class. It really helps me not get off focus what we talk about and makes it more fun. Also getting to know classmates is better in case I have a question about something it's easier asking a friend. I look forward in the material we learn for this class. My parents never really talked to my brother and I about sex. I don't have an older sibling either that I could have talked to about the topic. I look forward to what this course has in store for me. I think the blogs are a great idea because we get to see other classmates opinions and I think it is a great idea we can express that on here.

Test blog

So far I've really enjoyed this class especially the activity we did on Tuesday with the strongly agree/agree/strongly disagree/agree corners. I didn't share any examples I had because I have a huge phobia of speaking in front of people, but I had a couple of examples for the last topic we did which was "sex education should begin in the home" or something like that. It made me think about how I wished I could have talked about sex early on with my mom. My mom was a virgin until she got married, so she has a very strict view on that subject. So, growing up I couldn't really ask a question about sex without my mom assuming I was sexually active so because of that I went to my friends with all of my questions. I don't resent my mom for being judgmental (I love her, but she is whether she knows it or not), but in that aspect I hope I can be a better mentor to my future kids about everything they need to know about sex or life in general. I know this class will help me to build different perspectives, learn how to be able to speak about sexuality openly, along with many other things.

First blog

I'm really excited about this class because growing up I feel like I didn't really get the knowledge I wanted on sex and everything that goes along with it. My parents never talked to me about it at all, and I only learned a little in the school I attended. Although I learned how to not get diseases and the different types of contraception that are available, I feel that I lacked real-life experience. Nothing ever happens the way books or my teachers portrayed it. 

I'm excited to learn in this class because unlike my parents, I want to be able to be open with my kids and talk to them about sex. They are going to do it no matter what and I want to be the one they come to with questions or problems. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

First Blog

I am very excited about this class! It may end up being my favorite class this semester. Compared to experiences I have had in the past with sex education, I feel that I will be truly engaged in this course. Especially since this is a college course, I am interested to see what other's views and opinions are when it comes to this subject. Growing up, I never really had any conversations with my parents about sex and can barely remember anything from the health class I had to take in junior high school. I may feel that I do know a lot regarding sexuality, but I know I am going to learn a lot from this course and find it very interesting! I am also really looking forward to the panel discussions and really appreciate Professor Stone's passion about it. I think this is such a great way to learn and have never experienced anything like that before in any other classes! The activity we did on Monday was also really cool. Even though people chose different categories for opinions and beliefs, there were a lot of times where we all basically agreed on the same foundations to answers. I strongly believe in having an open mind, and I am excited to see where that takes me in this course.

Guys We F****d

Out of all my classes, I'm definitely most excited for this one.
I'm a huge sex advocate. Whether it comes to sexuality, gender, or just going at it, I think it's something that should be talked about (at the appropriate times).

I watch a lot of Youtube videos and podcasts.

One podcast I encourage everyone to listen to is called Guys We Fucked.
Yes, that's what it's called haha. It's an anti-slut shaming podcast. It's hosted by two New York comedians, Krystyna Hutchinson and Corrine Fisher.

The talk about everything sex related. Ranging from hilarious blow job stories to tear jerking issues. Them having this podcast is important because it brings to light that women are not just submissive beings. That we can talk about sex and not be labelled as "skank", "slut", or worse "whore" for enjoying sex as pleasure. It also helps woman be seen as equal.

You can hear it completely for free on Sound Cloud.

Here's the link.

It's one of the top trending podcasts right now.

I love listening to it on my drives to Austin, or when I'm walking to class.

First Post

I'm very excited to learn more about sexuality through the lifespan. I have taken Sociology of Sexuality so I'm familiar with a lot already, but I haven't learned about it from different stages throughout our lives. I'm also anxious to see how Professor Stone teaches us new things in the semester. So far I have I really like her teaching style. I'm not a big fan of professors who stand in the front of the room and just go through a powerpoint show with no real interaction with the students. She seems very animated and I believe this will allow me to do really well in the class. My goal is to make an A so I can graduate in May with a 4.0 and be on the Dean's List. I'm excited to get started and can't wait to see the cool things we learn this semester. Everyone enjoy their weekend!! Yay :)

Test Blog

So, I am pretty excited about this class. It is by far  my favorite class followed by Psychology of Women, which talks about sexuality also. I like the teaching style (especially after sitting in 3 back to back to back lecture classes) and I love the activities. Both of the activities we've done so far really help put things into perspective and give others the chance to voice their opinions, experiences, and mind sets, I love that! Makes way less room for us to judge one another when we grow to understand one another.

We're all kind of the same

I'm pretty excited about this class.I think it's really cool that we will be having panels with different groups of people. It's going to be a great way to learn about other people's perspectives. I thought the activity we did on Monday was very interesting. Although many of us picked different categories it seemed like we all had extremely similar reasons for having picked the group that we did. This was especially obvious when we got asked the last question which I believe was somewhere along the lines of "sex education happen in the home". The categories picked were strongly agree, agree, and disagree and literally in every single group people mentioned that they thought sex education should happen in the home, but also in other places. We couldn't agree on an answer but we seemed to all have the same basic foundation for why we picked what we did. I think that's so representative of how we all interpret things differently and how we pick the meaning we each apply to different situations.

First Blog!

I am very excited for this class, and I feel like it will definitely bring me out of my comfort zone (which is a good thing). During the first few days, I have been thinking of what kind of sexual education I have had thus far, and I would like to think I have a good sense of what sex is, and just how broad of a concept it is for many people. But I know there is so much more I need to learn and I can't wait to get to that. I always look forward to going to this class and I just love hearing everyone talk about their different experiences. I was raised in a semi-catholic household, but my parents were very open minded and guided me as much as they could by giving me really good sex-ed books and by just talking with me about the changes I was gonna go through, which is why I think I am open-minded to any subject that will come up in class.

Learning About Sex Then and Now

Sex education for me was not accurate or positive to say the least. My parents were the kind that at 12 handed me a book about my body and sex. However, they also made sure to let me know that masturbation is a sin, having sex before marriage sends you to hell, and women should obey men.

Needless to say I had a very warped view of sex. It took a long time to unravel all of the misinformation I was taught and learn to love myself despite my parents disapproval of the person I am.

One way my lack of sexual education manifested for me was through my sheer terror of getting pregnant or contracting an STI and the hatred I had for my own "unusual" sexual desires. I had been given basic information, like pregnancy can occur through sexual intercourse or STIs can be contracted through sexual activity especially if it is unprotected. However, I still had very little information besides that. I was convinced I was going to become pregnant or contract a venereal disease because of a punishment from god for being a terrible sexually active 16 year old girl.

It wasn't until I left for college and got away from my childhood home that I started to seek out information about responsible sexual practices and alternative sexual lifestyles. Once I left the toxic environmental bubble I learned that god isn't going to smite me for having sex (and actually believe that now), and how to have safe responsible sex. I learned that I wasn't the only person in the world that didn't fit into the box of "average" sexual desires and to love myself anyway.

I am now a happy bisexual woman who is a submissive, masochist, little, brat within the BDSM community (if you have no idea what any of that means, I will post linked definitions at the bottom). I am proud of the complete 180 I have made in embracing my own sexuality and sexual desires.

I am so excited for the opportunity to learn even more in this class. To continue to unravel all of the misinformation I was taught for so long. To learn how to teach my own children an accurate comprehensive sex positive education that I was not so fortunate to get.


So you used to believe..

In honor of our recent sexual education discussions about parents, teachers and schools lack of educating children on sex, i thought it would be fun to do some silly research.
So I give you (thanks to reddit board after reddit board) hilarious things children believed about sex.

1. The Twerk Team Captain

2. The guy who realized that sisters are not always the best to go to for advice

3. The inspiring farmer

4. R. Kelly Jr.

5. "I'm just trying to get comfy!"

6. The next Animal Whisperer

7. The next generation Tigger

8. Well, you're not entirely wrong

9. This exciting realization

10. And lastly, the best birth control

Funnily enough, almost every child goes through these stages.
I remember, thanks to a certain book about puberty, if I pushed my arms together and squeezed my chest while chanting "We must, we must, we must increase our bust!"over 60 times, I would get way bigger boobs! Granted I have them today, I think the only benefit of my exercise was burning some easy calories. 

On the real note though:
Sexual education is extremely important. Sexual education, when provided and educated correctly, can help prevent teen pregnancy, diseases and other factors. It's very important that parents, teachers, doctors, etc provide kids with proper education since sexuality is a part of each persons identity. Proper education can help ensure that kids as they mature into adults continue to make healthy decisions!

First blog ever!!!

At first this class really scared me, because I am more of a shy keep to myself kind of person, but after meeting the teacher and seeing how the class flows, I could not be more excited for this class. I really like the first activity we did on Monday, because I really had to stop and think of how I personally felt on each statement that was made and I could not just pick a neutral stance. I really liked how everyone was pitching in on the discussions, but were still respectful to each person's views. The question that I really loved was the one about should health education happen in the home. At first thought I thought this was a no brainer answer, but the more I thought about it and the more I heard from other people, it really opened my views on the matter. Some people really do not have any parents that are willing to give them the talk or that will answer questions for them. After this discussion it made me realize how blessed I am to have parents that are willing to answer any of my questions and gave me the talk when I was younger.

This class is definitely going to push me past my comfort zone, but I think it will be just the push I need to learn to things and to have discussions in class. I am very excited and nervous for this class, but with such an awesome teacher....I am ready to tackle the semester!

First Blog

This is my first time to blog ever but I am really excited to do so since this class is a topic I am really interested in. I love hearing other people's opinions and how they view things, which is what we get to do! With that being said, I loved listening to everyone's sources on sex ed. I believe that it should be taught in school and at home, because I did not get any information at my own home and had to figure it all out by myself. And thinking about that now, it was not very smart! The fact that my childhood was like that still makes me uneasy about talking about sex in front of my parents. And I feel like I should be able to discus things in that nature considering I am 21 years old.


I'm a little amused by this assignment, because I'm already in the habit of oversharing about sexuality on the internet.

Anyway, here's a funny story related to our discussion yesterday about the sources of our sexual education. When I was around 3 or 4 and I asked my mom the age old "where do babies come from" question, my mother (who is, I might add, a nurse, and should have known better IMO) told me that babies were created by something called a "special hug," which men and women did only after they were married, and involved a piece of the man's penis breaking off inside the woman and going into her tummy to make the baby.

Once again, my mother is a nurse.

Also, I'm not sure how she managed this but she somehow described the whole thing in such a way that I thought that this "special hug" was only ever undertaken once, in a couple's entire adult life, and that it was done at their wedding in front of all their friends and family.

I believed this well up into elementary school.

So... yeah. Overall I think it's best to be honest with kids about sex and not sugar coat things or give things silly names. The first time I heard the word "sex," I thought it was just some extra special kind of kissing. Thank god it never happened, but I was naive enough that some predatory adult could have used all the things I didn't know against me.

Another thing that I started thinking about was the fact that almost none of the "official" sources I had for sex ed (aka my parents, the sex ed I received in school, etc) ever bothered to talk about how to have good sex. I don't remember the word "orgasm" ever coming up ("ejaculation" sure did though), and when we were made to label diagrams of female anatomy, we never labeled the clitoris. Consent, even, was only barely touched on.

I think, in some ways, that can be blamed for some of the truly, truly disappointing sex I had later on in my life, when I first started being sexual and having sex. I'm sure I'll get to ramble on about all that in later posts, and this one is already too long.

But also! Friends and fellow classmates, if you don't already know there is a blogger app you can put on your phone! That might be helpful for some of us, I don't know, just thought I'd pass it along. Here's a gif from my favorite cartoon. Ciao!

Excited to be out of my Comfort Zone

I am very excited about this class but I am going to be honest I think it is going to be a little out of my comfort zone. I am married and am still pretty shy about talking about sexual things so I think it will be good to get out of my comfort zone. I am also a Christian and I love to hear other people's perspectives but I do have my own beliefs and values. I agree that our sexuality is something we should learn about and is not a taboo topic. I believe sexuality is something that we were all created with and is something that should be taught and explained well. That is why I am excited for this class because it will be a good thing to take this class and learn more but I will also need to find a balance with my own personal values and beliefs.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

my first blog everrrrrrr

I am looking forward to hearing all the differnet perspectives and experiences that our seemingly diverse class has. I grew up in a small town and in a very conservative household. I do maintain many of the morals I was raised on and want to raise my future children in a home similar to what I have had. With that being said, I have a very open mind and am curious about people and their opinions/ views/ experiences. The methods my parents and school used for sex education is one area that I did not agree with. It was NOT effective or educational in a healthy way. I am super stoked to gain new insights.


I've really been reflecting on my day and today's classes a great deal since I've returned home. Because I delete apps constantly to make room for more videos and photos--watch out! Mom with an iPhone--I just reinstalled the Blogger app on my phone

The app let me easily see all the blogs that have already been entered, and it just warmed my heart to see the participation and buy-in so far. I'm also excited to see what we learn in this class! I'm tickled to see that all the seeds we planted on the first day of class are beginning to sprout. I can't wait to gather our fruitful harvest at the end of the spring!

First Blog

This week in class has been interesting, and I’ve enjoyed it. I think that I’m definitely going to enjoy blogging for this class. I like the idea of continuing the discussion outside of class, because it gives a chance for everyone to contribute, and because the good ideas and examples always come to me after class.  The discussion we had in class today really had my mind going. I kept trying to think how I learned about all of this, and all I could come up with is school and friends. However, now that I’ve put more thought into it, my older siblings had a big part as well. When I was younger I wasn’t too comfortable going to my parents, so I relied on my siblings. Although now it’s different my mom is usually the first person I talk to.

First Blog

This is my first time using a blog for a class and I am actually very intrigued by the concept. I feel that this will help open up conversations to lead to discussions. This is my favorite class that I have this semester. I feel like Ms. Stone really makes sure that we all have a judgement free zone to express our views and opinions. Going off of today's discussion, I learned the majority of what I know from my parents. We've always had a close relationship and oddly enough, I feel more comfortable going to my dad about "boy problems" because he's my best friend. My parents made sure that my brothers and I knew to come to them with any situation and we would come to a conclusion together. My parents were always open to whatever questions we had. They didn't want us to think that we couldn't come to them with problems or that it wasn't okay to talk about sex. I hope I can use my positive experiences of talking to my parents to contribute to productive discussions in class. I'm just really excited to see what else this class has to offer.

Excited for this semester

I am really happy that I am able to remain anonymous in this class because it’s really difficult and intimidating to share my thoughts and experiences because sometimes I over worry and stress out about what people will think. I am pretty quiet inside a classroom environment, and I really enjoy listening to others, but I am not always confident enough to share.  I find some of the topics we discuss a little personal to me and it’s very hard for me to open up to so many people at once so doing it this way may be a little easier for me I guess. I also understand how some people don’t mind being open and are willing to sharing experiences with us. I really do appreciate that, to be quite honest I have not experienced as much as others have, so learning more through people the way we have is really awesome to me. Anyways, I do love listening to what people have said in our discussions so far, and for the most part everyone seems to be diverse but respectful enough of one another. The class is interesting and engaging, and I believe this class will help me become more comfortable with myself, and to be able to teach this to children and others someday. As for my education like we discussed in class, I mostly got it from friends and siblings. My parents share a little bit but not a lot, and school wasn't very helpful on the subject.

First Blog

Hearing how many people called STDs "gross" the other day in class really got to me. I personally know people who have sexually transmitted diseases and I got to thinking about how they would feel if they were in that room and saw all of the people who agreed that STDs were gross and it was really upsetting. The people that I know who have STDs look like normal people, act like normal people, and live their lives like normal people. Nobody would ever know the had a disease. Statistically someone in our class probably has an STD and hearing peoples arguments about how "gross" they were couldn't have been easy. I'm going to make an effort to be very tactful when discussing these kinds of sensitive issues in class because the person with the "gross" disease could be the person standing right next to you.

First Blog

I find what we are discussing in class very interesting for the fact that I never had any sort of sexual education. I learned most of what I know by what I would hear in school from others. We talked about being taught Sex Ed as being very important and I believe that is correct because I wish I could have been talked about it by my parents or even in school to be more informed. I am looking forward to this class and learning more and interacting with others about how we feel about different topics.

Now That I've Had Time to Think About It....

Today's class was very interesting.  It is really weird hearing the different resources and sources that are/were available to everyone.  Kind of made me feel old with the mention of the internet.  The use of the internet was something that I thought was humorous today.  I guess it's because I was in the age group that grew up with the internet (the 1994-2000 growth period). #DialUp #BeeeeBerrrrOooorrrrrEeeerrrrrrr
It is really interesting what a 6-7 year (estimated guess) age difference makes.  I mean just the terminology that is used is totally different.  I was talking to my Betrothed about "Netflix and Chill." To us, this means sweatpants and literally watching Netflix.  Sometimes it is so chill that we just fall asleep on the couch!!! It's so exciting:)  Haha! "Dinner and a Movie?" is what we say.

Test Run

I don't think I've ever blogged before so this should be an interesting experience! My family isn't particularly open about sexuality so I find it very interesting how differently other families approach the subject. I really appreciate that Ms. Stone allows for the class to voice their opinions. Hearing other people's views/opinions on the subjects we've talked about has helped me look at things from a different perspective which I think is great. I've had a lot of "oh wow...I never looked at it that way..." moments in the short time we've been in the class. So I can't imagine just how much I will learn throughout the duration of the semester.

First Blog

This is actually my very first blog I've ever made...ever. So I wasn't really sure how I felt about the whole concept of blogging for a class. But I think it's pretty cool that even if we don't get to communicate our thoughts in lecture, we still have this forum where we can kinda express how we feel. We each get the opportunity to say what we want to on here, whether anyone is gonna read it or not. Sometimes I feel like I have a hard time communicating my thoughts in class discussions, but when I think about the topics that we discussed in class, afterwards, I realize all the stuff I could have mentioned than I thought. I'm really excited to be engaged on this level, and see everyone else's opinions. I feel like it kinda validates our feelings while respecting everyone's different experiences and opinions.

First blog

At first I was really skeptical about blogging in a sexuality class wanting to keep my private life private but now that I realize that this is mostly anonymous and that we don't actually have to talk about our own experiences if we don't want I guess I'm kind of warming up the idea now. I'm usually a pretty shy person but I have been enjoying what we've been doing in class thus far. I think that Ms. Stone does a great job  of making the class fun and interesting while also making it educational without making me feel embarrassed or offended. I'm looking forward to what the rest of this semester has in store and hopefully I can learn a lot while having fun at the same time!

Class Anticipation

To be completely honest- this is one of my favorite classes this semester. I love how laid back it is and open for discussion. I am not a huge fan of all the activities and kinda wish they were more sporadic instead of an everyday thing. I think that this class is very informative and it is creating a culture of future parents that will be better equipped to provide their children with comprehensive sex education.
Concerning my own sex education it was a mixture of both family and others, neither were very comprehensive- but I found my way like most (trial and error)! I am sure that this course will provide me with the tools needed to handle this topic better with my future children!

week 1

I am very excited about this class. it really makes me wish that i would have had a more open conversation with my parents about sexuality and growing in maturity. i feel that this class is going to give me the knowledge and skills to have more open and knowledgeable conversations with my future children, both my own and ones that i work with. it is kind of interesting to me that there were so many similarities in the lists of resources that our parents had and that we had and yet we tend to get the same sexuality education that our parents got. so many people only teach what they are taught. because my education on the different sexuality aspects was so limited and my parents didn't want to talk about it and they drilled abstinence into my head, it made me want to rebel from their views. unfortunately, i had to learn a lot from experience and making mistakes. i don't want any kid to feel like that is the road they have to take so i am eager to learn and take that knowledge and resources into everyday life. and i want to be able to easily have conversations with people about sexuality, whether it be to teach them or to talk about their experiences. also, someone made a point that the curriculum is taught in a very heterosexual view so it will be interesting to hear other people side and to better understand how others may feel or express themselves through sexuality that are different from mine.

Sex Ed

Going off from what we were talking about in class today, I'd have to say that my older sisters were basically one of the only resources that I had and used to educate myself about sex. They are 10 and 8 years older than me so it made sense that they had valuable information to be shared. I could tell from a young age that my mom wasn't as a comfortable talking to me about those certain details so she also relied on my sisters to give me the information that I needed. But now this has me thinking about how my sisters became educated since they didn't have the resources that they gave to me. Maybe my mom was different with them or maybe they learned through school or personal experiences. This is definitely something that I would like to ask them about considering a lot of people in class shared different experiences and learned in many different ways. This also has me thinking about the way in which I will educate my future children.

Because I have to

I am just doing this, because I have to do it. I have no idea what to blog about. I am doing it now, because I know I will forget to do it later. Which, will probably be a problem for me this semester, because I don't  care for modern technology as much as others. I hope this is enough for paragraph, because I don't want to lose points for not typing enough. Now my blog is done.
I found the class activity we did was pretty unique and I enjoyed it. I like that a lot of the class got involved and discussions weren't forced or seemed awkward for most people. Overall I'm excited for the rest of the activities in this class and see how it turns out

I think blogging is too much work apparently

I feel like this post and class is BS....

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Test Post

I'm making the first post for our class blog to make sure it works. Wahoo!