Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Excited for this semester

I am really happy that I am able to remain anonymous in this class because it’s really difficult and intimidating to share my thoughts and experiences because sometimes I over worry and stress out about what people will think. I am pretty quiet inside a classroom environment, and I really enjoy listening to others, but I am not always confident enough to share.  I find some of the topics we discuss a little personal to me and it’s very hard for me to open up to so many people at once so doing it this way may be a little easier for me I guess. I also understand how some people don’t mind being open and are willing to sharing experiences with us. I really do appreciate that, to be quite honest I have not experienced as much as others have, so learning more through people the way we have is really awesome to me. Anyways, I do love listening to what people have said in our discussions so far, and for the most part everyone seems to be diverse but respectful enough of one another. The class is interesting and engaging, and I believe this class will help me become more comfortable with myself, and to be able to teach this to children and others someday. As for my education like we discussed in class, I mostly got it from friends and siblings. My parents share a little bit but not a lot, and school wasn't very helpful on the subject.

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