Wednesday, January 27, 2016

First Blog

This is my first time using a blog for a class and I am actually very intrigued by the concept. I feel that this will help open up conversations to lead to discussions. This is my favorite class that I have this semester. I feel like Ms. Stone really makes sure that we all have a judgement free zone to express our views and opinions. Going off of today's discussion, I learned the majority of what I know from my parents. We've always had a close relationship and oddly enough, I feel more comfortable going to my dad about "boy problems" because he's my best friend. My parents made sure that my brothers and I knew to come to them with any situation and we would come to a conclusion together. My parents were always open to whatever questions we had. They didn't want us to think that we couldn't come to them with problems or that it wasn't okay to talk about sex. I hope I can use my positive experiences of talking to my parents to contribute to productive discussions in class. I'm just really excited to see what else this class has to offer.

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