Thursday, January 28, 2016

First Blog

I am very excited about this class! It may end up being my favorite class this semester. Compared to experiences I have had in the past with sex education, I feel that I will be truly engaged in this course. Especially since this is a college course, I am interested to see what other's views and opinions are when it comes to this subject. Growing up, I never really had any conversations with my parents about sex and can barely remember anything from the health class I had to take in junior high school. I may feel that I do know a lot regarding sexuality, but I know I am going to learn a lot from this course and find it very interesting! I am also really looking forward to the panel discussions and really appreciate Professor Stone's passion about it. I think this is such a great way to learn and have never experienced anything like that before in any other classes! The activity we did on Monday was also really cool. Even though people chose different categories for opinions and beliefs, there were a lot of times where we all basically agreed on the same foundations to answers. I strongly believe in having an open mind, and I am excited to see where that takes me in this course.

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