Friday, January 29, 2016

First week post

The first week of class was really fun! I enjoyed getting so see everyones opinion during the question activity on Monday. And at the same time I learned about my own opinions. The questions asked were things that I had never thought of. I learned about my opinion but by learning everyone else's opinion I was able to see other points of view and be more open minded. On Wednesday I realized that I never really had sex education. The only people I was able to talk to about sex was my friends, which isn't always the best option as we were all learning at the same time. My parents would never talk to me about it, they were raised by parents who wouldnt even acknowledge a pregnancy; they would find out about a new sibling once it was born already. Being the oldest child I did not have an older sibling to go to. I don't want my kids to grow up afraid to talk to me about sex or to go to inexperienced friends for advice. I hope to be better prepared than my parents were.

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