Wednesday, January 27, 2016

week 1

I am very excited about this class. it really makes me wish that i would have had a more open conversation with my parents about sexuality and growing in maturity. i feel that this class is going to give me the knowledge and skills to have more open and knowledgeable conversations with my future children, both my own and ones that i work with. it is kind of interesting to me that there were so many similarities in the lists of resources that our parents had and that we had and yet we tend to get the same sexuality education that our parents got. so many people only teach what they are taught. because my education on the different sexuality aspects was so limited and my parents didn't want to talk about it and they drilled abstinence into my head, it made me want to rebel from their views. unfortunately, i had to learn a lot from experience and making mistakes. i don't want any kid to feel like that is the road they have to take so i am eager to learn and take that knowledge and resources into everyday life. and i want to be able to easily have conversations with people about sexuality, whether it be to teach them or to talk about their experiences. also, someone made a point that the curriculum is taught in a very heterosexual view so it will be interesting to hear other people side and to better understand how others may feel or express themselves through sexuality that are different from mine.

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