Thursday, January 28, 2016

So you used to believe..

In honor of our recent sexual education discussions about parents, teachers and schools lack of educating children on sex, i thought it would be fun to do some silly research.
So I give you (thanks to reddit board after reddit board) hilarious things children believed about sex.

1. The Twerk Team Captain

2. The guy who realized that sisters are not always the best to go to for advice

3. The inspiring farmer

4. R. Kelly Jr.

5. "I'm just trying to get comfy!"

6. The next Animal Whisperer

7. The next generation Tigger

8. Well, you're not entirely wrong

9. This exciting realization

10. And lastly, the best birth control

Funnily enough, almost every child goes through these stages.
I remember, thanks to a certain book about puberty, if I pushed my arms together and squeezed my chest while chanting "We must, we must, we must increase our bust!"over 60 times, I would get way bigger boobs! Granted I have them today, I think the only benefit of my exercise was burning some easy calories. 

On the real note though:
Sexual education is extremely important. Sexual education, when provided and educated correctly, can help prevent teen pregnancy, diseases and other factors. It's very important that parents, teachers, doctors, etc provide kids with proper education since sexuality is a part of each persons identity. Proper education can help ensure that kids as they mature into adults continue to make healthy decisions!

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