Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Now That I've Had Time to Think About It....

Today's class was very interesting.  It is really weird hearing the different resources and sources that are/were available to everyone.  Kind of made me feel old with the mention of the internet.  The use of the internet was something that I thought was humorous today.  I guess it's because I was in the age group that grew up with the internet (the 1994-2000 growth period). #DialUp #BeeeeBerrrrOooorrrrrEeeerrrrrrr
It is really interesting what a 6-7 year (estimated guess) age difference makes.  I mean just the terminology that is used is totally different.  I was talking to my Betrothed about "Netflix and Chill." To us, this means sweatpants and literally watching Netflix.  Sometimes it is so chill that we just fall asleep on the couch!!! It's so exciting:)  Haha! "Dinner and a Movie?" is what we say.

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