Friday, January 29, 2016

Sex Ed

Well, when it came to sex my parents didn't really teach me anything. Everything I learned was mainly from my own experiences and from media. My parents covered puberty but that's about it. All I was told was to wait for the right person. I wish they had told me more because then I feel like things would be really different for me. 

I also learned a little bit from the health class that I took in 8th grade but still it was mainly abstinence, reproduction and STDs. There was nothing about how when you have a one night stand you feel attached but also feel used. I didn't learn from class or my parents that when you start having sex you kind of feel the need to have sex with people just to feel that connection you used to get before sex. 

I wish I learned things before my experiences but I also know that I will teach my kids more than my parents taught me. 

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