Friday, January 29, 2016

Test blog

So far I've really enjoyed this class especially the activity we did on Tuesday with the strongly agree/agree/strongly disagree/agree corners. I didn't share any examples I had because I have a huge phobia of speaking in front of people, but I had a couple of examples for the last topic we did which was "sex education should begin in the home" or something like that. It made me think about how I wished I could have talked about sex early on with my mom. My mom was a virgin until she got married, so she has a very strict view on that subject. So, growing up I couldn't really ask a question about sex without my mom assuming I was sexually active so because of that I went to my friends with all of my questions. I don't resent my mom for being judgmental (I love her, but she is whether she knows it or not), but in that aspect I hope I can be a better mentor to my future kids about everything they need to know about sex or life in general. I know this class will help me to build different perspectives, learn how to be able to speak about sexuality openly, along with many other things.

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