Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Test Post

I'm making the first post for our class blog to make sure it works. Wahoo!


  1. Since I am unable to write on the blog I will just post my blog on this as a comment.
    Growing up, I was never given much sex education. I am excited to see what this class has in store, and I hope that it pushes my out of my comfort zone and that makes me think about new things. I lost my virginity to my boyfriend when I was 16 years old and we rarely ever used condoms and I was not on birth control. I was too afraid to tell my mom because I was raised very religiously so I knew she would flip out on me and make me stop seeing him. After a year a having sex and keeping it from my mom, I decided to tell her I was thinking about doing it and she told me it was wrong and gave me a book "501 reasons why not to have sex". This is why I chose to tell her I wouldn't and continued to keep it a secret. However, at this point I was smart enough to get on birth control. If i was more educated as a girl about the safety precautions I would never had acted so dangerously with my body. The sex education we had in our schools was just standard video that we would watch one year growing up. We were only required to take one health class which went over sex education over a short period of time. I hope that throughout this class I am able to learn the information I didn't as a child and pass it on to my children and any child whom's path I cross in the future.