Friday, January 29, 2016

Test Post

I'm really excited that we get to blog as part of this class. I have a blog that I started over the summer but I got so busy that I couldn't really post regularly anymore, so I hope that blogging throughout this semester will help me get my mojo back :) I enjoy blogging because I feel like it's a way to informally express yourself and it can really tap into your creativity. I'm taking this class as a required elective for my minor (FCD) and I hope to get way more insight on sexuality across through all ages of life. I hope to be more educated on sexuality and even the act of sex itself so that I can educate my peers, younger cousins, siblings, friends etc. I feel like this class will be really beneficial and also an interesting topic. I like the way we have class discussions and do activities in class. It's much better than looking at slides and copying them down( even though I've done that most of my college career), but it's good to have a change in one of my courses at least. Feeling really optimistic about this semester! :)

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