Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day

The article that was sent out right after class, caught my eye!

The title of the article was, "For Centuries, Leap Day was the Most Feminist Day on the Calendar.
I thought this article was very interesting because before the statement said in class about "Leap Day". I did not know this day was meant to be so empowering to female(s). Personally I took the fact that a woman proposes on Leap Day to be an empowering concept. Considering the proposal goes against social norms. After further thought on this subject I realized, "Is this concept of Leap Day proposals that empowering?" As the article stated the idea, "Can a woman only propose once every four years?" Overall, the social norm is for the male to propose to the female. Why can't we challenge the social norm all together? Leap Day presents a challenge that it is okay to go against the social norm. In my opinion, females should stop believing that certain "rituals" or concepts are for the male(s) to handle or take charge.

Communication is Key🔑

In class today we discussed aspects of healthy relationships and that in all types of relationships communication is very important. This made me think of my own relationships and how I communicate with my loved ones.
My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over a year now. My relationship with him is the first I've had where we are constantly working on our communication and always strive to talk out our arguments. I'm a pretty emotional personal and he has a tempor so arguments between us can flare rather quickly. What we've learned about each other is that we are both touchy feely people and we both need human touch as part of our expression of love. With that being said we have discovered that if ever we have an argument we need to talk out or need to discuss something sensitive, we will talk while cuddling. Neither of us can be mad when we're comfortable and feel loved from the contact of holding each other. We are able to think more rationally and actively listen to what the other is saying.
This may not be a strategy that works for everyone but so far it has worked for us.

Tinderella - A love discussion from information in class

So I'm a senior I never dated much in college. It wasn't that I wasn't into it, but I was obsessed with being single.
Like hello:
-You don't have to check in with anyone
-One set of laundry
-No stupid arguments
-You can flirt/dance/make out at the bar without the guilt
-You can gain five pounds and nobody cares
You know, the good stuff.
So there I was, a senior in college, sometimes contemplating a relationship, rarely ever agreeing with the idea. Swiping left on tinder all day, and the occasional right when I'm feeling it.

I thought this entire site was GREAT. Guys tell me I'm pretty (they can't even see the cheese tots I'm eating on the other side of the screen). It was hilarious and great all at the same time. Even occasionally you'd meet one and contemplate your life decisions and grow concerned for your lack of care about your own safety.
Yet, it eventually turned into a game of avoid the creeps and accept the compliments. With a side dish of feeling pretty badass for denying guys all the time.

So true story: I delete the app, like the normal minded healthy person I am. [sike] the back of my mind I matched with a guy the night before who I really hoped would message me. Why? I'm basic. We met at a frat party and I was infatuated.
Shameful action: I re-download the app, and mysterious Frat man shows on the screen, with a little dot next to his name.
Score. Mysterious boy is interested.
^ Basically. 
So we hung out, once.
Let me just go ahead and say we're probably way off the scale of normality for this website and the amount of people who actually end up together. 
One night of hanging out after a few weeks of texting, the next morning of a date to six flags, and about a week or so later I basically moved in.
I know you're probably thinking I'm psycho, who in their right mind wouldn't...but hear me out here:
Have you ever heard people in love start saying when you know you know?
Yeah, I think they're all liars too.
Until I fell in love off Tinder.
I want to give my thanks to my generation of "hooking up" culture for developing such a cheesy self-centered app. Because without that app, I would't have met my boyfriend.

We didn't follow the basic rules of dating, so what?
We communicate, we discuss things, we express ourselves. In fact, we shared more on the first night than we ever have with anyone.
Love is a decision.

Generally, things don't work out this way. But I thought it'd be fun to share my story, since it is kind of a rare one.

So yeah, Tinder is a place for game-playing love, but sometimes things catch you by surprise.
I explained how I would never be in a relationship until after college, because who honestly wants to let that single life go? As cheesy as it is to admit, I fell in love with that boy like the cheesy rom-com's you see on TV.


Wednesday film

I thought the film we watched on Wednesday was very interesting. It was eye opening to see how harshly these issues were treated back in that time. Although it was sad and not necessarily an "educational film", it still puts a perspective to this subject that our generation does not think about. I also enjoy learning in a way that differs from the usual lecture-note taking style.

Just another blog

I really enjoyed watching the movie " If these walls could talk." My older sister is a lesbian so this helped me to understand more of what her future could look like. However, after watching this film I asked my mom to watch it as well because she struggles with the fact that my sister is gay. Once I asked her to watch it she got very defensive, saying she did not wish to put that into her body. This has been an ongoing discussion between me and her for the weekend. I believe that even though she doesn't agree with the lifestyle that she could still try to understand both sides.Just as you would debating any argument; in order to make your point you must comprehend your opponent and why they agree differently. But anyhow, I'm glad I got to watch the film and broaden my intellect on the lifestyle.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Blog 5

The movie was a very emotional one for me because I always put myself in others shoes. It gave me a new perspective on certain struggles in the LBGT community and made me realize that not all of their struggles are exactly alike. The old lady's story was the hardest  one for me.


I loved the movie we watched in class this week. It was interesting to see how they made movies about these issues a while back. Even though it was sometimes funny, it also reflected the harsh realities of these issues! 

Wednesday film

The film on Wednesday of problem with lbgt was neat to watch as it was heartbreaking at the same time. The stories in the film, especially the first one was sad. We had test on Monday so not much to say about that day besides hope everyone did well. Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday's Film

The film we watched was great and showed those three different stories and each sort of left an impact on me. I always knew about the next of kin thing being an issue, but the fact that people are out there that don't understand why people want rights for LGBTQA because they don't understand issues like the first story is really frustrating! It was so hard watching those people who were basically strangers to that woman's partner take all that stuff away from her just because they were the next of kin and she wasn't. She should've been allowed to see her partner, should have been told what happened, and shouldn't have had to deal with all of that. The second story I liked how it showed even among others who are supposed to be on the same side as you when it comes to your sexuality can even be against you because you don't dress and act like them. I liked how it showed other groups are stigmatized in the community. The third one was a bit more fun to watch (mainly because of Ellen haha) but still really hit home when one of them said, "I hate how we can't me a child out of love by accident like others can." That's something I kind of always knew about too, but didn't really put into perspective on how damaging that can be to a person.

The film on Wednesday

I loved the film we watched on Wednesday. I think the best story was the last one when the two women were trying so hard to have a family of their own. Even though it was a serious matter, there humor added to it; so it kept the positive energy alive throughout the story. The first story with the two older women broke my heart. It was actually really hard to watch at certain points. I loved how this whole film showed three different perspectives on the lesbian community, and issues that they could face in everyday life.

Wedensdays Video

Wednesdays video was extremely enlightening of the problems the lbgt community faces. The first story to me was utterly heartbreaking. I had heard of this happening, however this was the first time i had heard any of the specifices.


Loved the movie we watch this week. The quiz wasn't to bad at all. I love that I know all the parts of the vulva and the penis. I'm very excited to show my neice and nephew the children books.

Movie Reactions

The thing that stuck out the most to me about the movie we watched on Wednesday was that I wasn't aware that being butch was ever something that stigmatized some lesbians to other lesbians. It was jarring and a little uncomfortable to see that character being mocked for not conforming to gender norms by other lesbians. Really, they were being just as oppressive as the straight feminists that threw them out of their campus club. They were reducing womanhood down to superficial things like hair and clothes. Wearing a tie and having short hair doesn't make you any less of a woman.

Also, I thought she was really really cute. Masc girls are adorable.

Friday, February 26, 2016

blog 5

The first story in the movie was the most touching to me because it was so sad that she had no rights to all of her partners things. even the home she had lived in for years were suddenly no longer hers and there wasn't anything she could do about it. in the last story what Ellen(I don't remember the characters name) said about hating the fact that she couldn't get her partner pregnant was also very sad. that must be difficult. other couples get pregnant accidentally all of the time but that is not a possibility for homosexual couples which has to be hard for them when they are wanted to grow their families. the film as a whole was very touching it made me think about a lot of things that I had never really thought of before and it made me consider some of the struggles that lesbian couples face. 

Wednesdays video

In Wednesdays class I learned about troubles that can be faced by the lgbt community. I had no clue about all the different types of problems. I had always heard of problems but never knew the specifics. For example I never thought about the first scenario in the video in which not having the rights to get married can result in someone losing their house even though they worked for it. From now on I will support any person/organization fighting for the right for gay marriage because seeing what happened to that older lady was terrible.

Blog #5

     While preparing for the exam I was highly disappointed in how little I knew regarding the male and female anatomy at twenty-two years old.  I so wish my parents would have educated me well, at all.  I actually purchased all of the required children's books for this class and have no intention of selling them back.  Rather, I will keep them for my future children, and hope that when they are seniors in college, they will not be like their mother, unable to label the parts of the penis correctly.  Also, if you have not seen the movie What's Your Number, I highly suggest it.  It is hilarious and is a perfect example of the social stigma bias against sexually-active women. 

Future Assignments

Soooo I am a huge NERD.  This is just something that I have come to terms with.  By NERD, I mean that I love schedules and starting assignments way too early.

When the professor announced that there was a new syllabus and assignments on TRACS, I went to the computer lab right after class and printed everything out.

I think that the experiential assignments are going to be very interesting.  The one about talking to my partner happened this week after I was looking ahead to the next chapters, but I am thinking about doing this one again.  That talk did not end so well... I was actually kind of embarrassed and uncomfortable talking about the "What do you want, what do I want, what can we do differently or try?"  I am going to try to have a talk again and try to be a little more open instead of taking everything that is said like a criticism.  I have super high expectations for myself in every aspect of life, so I take every little thing as criticism because I cannot let myself be too vulnerable or anything.

There are some other activities that I am looking forward to doing and writing about.  I think I might even be interested in coming up with my own activity.

But just to wrap up this week, I found the test to be a little stressful because I totally could not remember the dissected penis labeling part.  I totally had a brain fart and everything went away when I got to that part.  I think I got the other 2, but that one with the Vas Deferens I just went blank on for some odd reason.  I stared at that penis for a while (I get that that sounds really weird), but I studied it and went over the labeling several times.

As for the movie, I found it interesting and kind of sad.  Never in my life have I disliked a character that Paul Giamatti played.  I wanted to punch him! Or his movie wife.... she was pretty terrible.
While studying for the exam last week, it really was enlightening how much the children's books helped with studying. Also I really wish my parents had those books or books like that to teach me about sex. In regards to the movie that was watched during class I was not there that day to a personal event, however I would really like to know what the film was about or the name of it so I can watch it myself. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Movie Blog

In watching the video this week in class, it was really an eye opener to the small things we or I do as a heterosexual. The woman in the hospital who kept asking her where "her husband" was and had a one way thought process was a reminder than our words have to be neutral in today's world because it can be offensive to people even if that's not our intention. The second video showed a lesbian couple, at first one girl struggled with accepting that the gender role of the woman she was attracted to was more masculine, the two fall in love and want children and the process of getting sperm and donors also depicts today's issues in a same sex home. My sister is a lesbian who is the "butch" of her relationship and her wife is the "fem!" However in talking about their future kids my sister gets upset that they are unable to conceive a child that is just theirs. I felt like the movie did an amazing job showing the true struggles of homosexuality compared to others in the reproduction sense and the marital "rights" sense. Same sex marriage is so recently passed that alot of the issues within a same sex home are over looked but they are just as capable in my opinion in raising a child in a loving atmosphere. I would recommend this movie to America.


My daughter and I read "It's Not the Stork!" last week and it was a great bonding experience.  We had fun reading it and she felt proud about what she learned.  I felt like the book helped her learn more than me just talking about it with her.  It's very well written that kids understand it and enjoy reading it.  After we read the book we continued to talk for an hour about everything in life.  Everybody should read these books with their kids.   


I honestly don't know how to feel about the film. It was eye opening to how things use to be. I'm reluctant to say I liked it or didn't like it. Maybe the class on Monday will tie in the relevance of the film to the class lesson.

Movie Blog

   The movie we watched was not my favorite ever, but I definitely enjoyed it. It made me sad and happy at the same time. I like the fact that it was showing the inside intimate lives of lesbian couples, because there is not a lot of movies out there that does that. My only issue with the movie is that the three stories didn't tie in together, and there was no explanation as to what made the stories tie in together other than the fact they were all three lesbian couples. I also found it interesting looking around the room and noticing how many people were uncomfortable and squirming during the intimate scenes. I would be interested to see if the sex scenes were between a heterosexual couple, if as many people would have been as uncomfortable.

Blog 5

I really liked the movie we watched in class on Wednesday! The first skit almost made me cry, because I couldn't imagine not being entitled to anything my significant other and I bought/built together. I thought the 70s skit was really interesting because the girls who were fighting for equal rights were passing strong judgements. And the one with the ladies using a sperm donor was super cute and warmed my heart 💕. 

Movie Blog

The movie was alright, I never heard of it before, but it wasn't terrible. The first litle movies was so sad, its crazy to see how people had to sneak around compared to the way things are now on the situation. I also liked how the movie showed not only the same-sex love struggles with younger adults, but with older ones as well. I'm glad that we live in a society where people can be more open about teir sexualites, without being bashed on.

Blog 5 i guess?

So this past week, I had four exams. One on Monday and three on Tuesday so it was safe to say that I was feeling the stress! But with the sexuality I felt like I could've almost made a pretty close to perfect score (Still anxiously waiting to get my grade back lol). Having the test question bank AND the quizzes helped tremendously and I hope we are able to use those for tests to come.

I was really excited to get the outline for the semester to see exactly what all we would be doing for the rest of the semester like, love and communication and sexual behaviors and especially all of the panels (not any particular one because they are all pretty interesting).

The movie we watched was very interesting. It put things into perspective when Ellen said something about being able to reproduce. Like, it's so easy for straight couples but for gay and lesbian relationships, they have to go through a totally different process. It can't be easy for them and it made me feel for their relationship. All in all, I liked the movie!

Blog 5

I really regret not studying as much as I should have on this test. For sure need to start sooner next test. But I really enjoyed that movie on Wednesday. At first I thought it was going to be super cheesy but I actually ended up liking it. I really liked how they had the different eras and showed how things developed over the years! I found it very intereting in the 70's I believe that women who dressed as men... Dikes, were almost frowned upon by other lesbians! My aunt is a lesbian and is extremely girly and most people are very surprised when finding out but her partner dresses and looks like a man!

Movie Response

I actually really liked it. Some parts were a little cheesy, but overall I liked the general point that the movie made. I think it showed the changing perspectives really well through the decades, and some of the societal barriers that were faced. I felt really bad for the last couple at the end when they worried about what the future would hold for their child, and if it would be 'cruel' to bring a child into the world with gay parents because they might get picked on. But I liked how Ellen responded by basically saying that her partner shouldn't worry about whether it will change or not because it always does. I think its really interesting how hopeful they made the end seem, because in all actuality we've really have come such a long way from the late 90's/early 2000's when the movie was made.

Alright so I'm not entirely sure if this subject will count as a blog entry but I have to go on a little rant! During the exam on Monday there was one question I had been slightly confused about because of the wording. The question was something like " the cessation of a period is called" and there were two answers that kind of sounded right to me so once I was done with my test I asked Professor Stone for some clarification on the wording of the question. After she explained what she meant for some reason I decided to stick with answer I had originally put and walked out. The second I walked away before I was even out the door my brain decided to start working again and I realized I was wrong! It took me all of two seconds to realize that the correct answer was the other answer! I was so upset with myself for not realizing it sooner and it bothered me the rest of the day! On the walk home I so badly wanted to turn back around and tell her that I chose the wrong answer. Well oh well I guess nothing I can do about it now and it was only one question, I just wanted to get that off my chest :)

Lesbian Movie Response

          I really enjoyed the movie that we watched in class. I think it was a good introductory movie because I see that we'll be talking about sexual orientation soon in class. I really liked how the movie focused on lesbians, because I feel like they don't get as much attention in the media as gay men do. The first story was extremely sad and I felt so bad for that old woman. She had just lost the love of her life and she had to pretend that their relationship was nothing more than a friendship. Then she basically got booted out of their home and lost most of the girlfriend's possessions to practically strangers. I know that some people will still want to keep their realtionship a secret, but I'm glad that in today's society gay and lesbian couples can marry so that they still have rights to their partners property and whatnot if their spouse dies. The second story made me extremely mad because of that one scene where they practically forced that girl to try on a more "feminine shirt". I've heard of alot of bigotry within the LGBTQIA community and I feel like it makes no sense because you're all on the same side. So for them to be so judgmental towards her just because she wanted to dress more masculine made absolutely no sense. The last story I of course found great because I'm a huge Ellen fan. I also liked how it was Ellen and Portia, who are actually a couple in real life. It made the situation and story seem more realistic. I'm not sure if that's something they actually had to go through, but it was an interesting and realistic situation.

Blog 5

The movie we saw in class was really interesting. It kind of changed my perspective on a lot of things. I even went home and told my roommates to watch it and they were in awe as well. It was crazy to watch and hear the different stories. I'm glad I got the chance to see it 

The movie

The movie in class was interesting. I am pretty shocked I haven't seen it, nor heard of it before. But, yeah people can be cruel, definitely when they fear or don't understand something. People are so quick to judge, but forget that we are animals.

Blog #5

Sooo the test was medium I thought.. not too hard, not too easy. Those questions helped a whole lot, so I appreciate Prof. Stone for that!

The video changed my emotions from sad, to disgusted, to content.

The first story was undoubtedly sad, but angered me at the same time.

I then was disgusted with how messed up how the group of LESBIAN girls treated the other LESBIAN girl because of her preference of dress. It is so crazy how lesbians were viewed back then and how far they've come to be able to dress how they want with LESS judgement (bc I know they are still sometimes judged).

Then the story with Ellen kind of relaxed me and my emotions compared to the other two stories. I was satisfied with the happy ending.

Blog # I dont know

WOW! Mrs.Stone was right...I did cry. Especially the first story! Actually I need to rant! The entire time I was so furious with the nephew and his wife. I don’t think just being related to someone by blood should automatically give you any right to decide things after their death. The mean the nephew didn’t even remember his aunt that well and he gets to decide what to do?! Does that even make sense? It seemed all they wanted to do was make a profit. It just broke my heart how insensitive they were to the whole situation. I mean the wife was walking out of the house with a lamp….mind you the “friend” is still living there.  Her partner knew her for so long that she should be the one to decide what to do following her death.  But, because of the circumstances and the stigma at the time associated with same sex couples, the partner couldn’t tell people that they were together.  It was so sad that she didn’t have any right and there was nothing she could really do. I’m sure that she felt very hopeless going through it all. I’m glad the movie ended in a happier and more comic note. It just shows how much we have improved from the past but also the struggles that lesbian couples have had to endure. Even now in the present time, trying to conceive a child is so difficult. Hopefully our reproductive technology will improve even more so that the process is easier. At the end of the class, I still kept thinking about the first story so I think it was definitely the one that left the biggest impact on me.  

this week.

First off I felt like our test was a lot easier than I thought it would be. While studying I felt like I was not getting any of the information, but I actually did. And to top it off we had a movie day in college! When does this happen. Having to leave early to make it across campus for my next class sucks, but I am fixing to finish the movie and I am excited to! It’s amazing to be able to see what struggles Lgbtqa members have gone through just to get to where we are today! I am blessed to have been born in this generation, were lesbians like myself are more accepted, as well as known.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

To be completely honest I thought that movie was cheesy and stereotypical as hell. I understand it was so wreaths dated but it was way to played out and acted to a point that it was nauasiating. I could care less about whatever everyone else thought of it I iust believed that it was too forward even if it was made it in the 90's. Overall an ok movie with a lot to take out as far as how lesbians may mavs dressed and acted at that time in the film.

Blog 5

The video we watched on Thursday was very interesting. I've never thought about how some people have to keep their relationships secret. The story that really hit me was the one of the older couple. She had been with her partner for over 30 years and she got no say or input in what happened to her. I can't believe they didn't even tell her when the woman died. I feel like i would've told her anyways. How did they even know that they were in some kind of relationship. Out of respect for people and life I feel like it wasn't a big deal to tell her. I just don't understand why the nurses or doctors wouldn't think it important to tell her. I understand that its private information but if she's dead then how much damage would it have done to just tell her. That part really bothered me and it made me really sad to think that some people actually had to go through stuff like that. The nephew and his wife drove me crazy! I get that they didn't know about their situation but she told them that they had lived together for 30 years! How are they not capable of thinking that she probably wouldn't want them to treat her like that. I seriously don't understand what these people were thinking. The way those people acted just seemed inhumane. I wouldn't even treat strangers the way that these people were treating the woman who was closest to her aunt. Overall the video made me more aware of how difficult it can be to get some basic respect when you're seen as different. I really hope that as a generation we can keep these kinds of things from happening. YAY MARRIAGE EQUALITY!! May everyone get the rights and respects they deserve!


I wasn't too excited about going to class yesterday when I read the email about watching a movie, but actually watching it was quite interesting! Watching it and seeing those certain struggles unfold opened my eyes and made it easier for me to comprehend what they went through and the emotions that went with that. I really enjoyed the part of the movie with Ellen. Obviously, she's hilarious, but she was able to add a little comic relief to their situation that was so serious. Being able to stay positive and passionate through a struggle is something that I think is rare, and this scenario presented that very well. Also, I am pretty excited to see what's next in our lectures now that the first exam is over!!! 

If these walls could talk

I was very happy to have a movie day in class. It isn't often we get that special treat in college so I was over the moon when I saw that email. The movie was great! There was a lot of cameos of really cool people which only made it that much better. I loved how the movie touched on subjects of legal rights, discrimination within the gay community and the deep struggles a gay couple has when trying to conceive.  Although the messages the movie brought were very realistic and very sad, it left a spark of hope in the last two stories. I can only imagine what struggles those in the LGBA community have gone through, and I am so soo happy that we are in a better path.

Blog blog blog

This weeks class was pretty chill. I think the test went good and I really enjoyed the movie we watched. One of my favorite things was having Ellen on there, she was so funny! I wish we had gotten to finish it. 
Since we are in this class to discuss sex I wanted to talk about the case of a teacher having sex with a 17 year old student from corpus who was recently on dr. Phil. He filmed their encounter and when it sent around school she got fired. But now she's suing the mom and son! Do you think she's in the right or the wrong? Pretty crazy! Just something to research and think about. :) see ya next time! 

If these walls could talk

That movie was actually really cool. It was shocking to see Ellen Degeneress in the movie but in a way made it more interesting to watch. As someone that is bisexual, I can understand a lot of the struggles that many of the characters faced. Now with a boyfriend I don't, but there is still the hardship with others. 

That test I thought was actually quite easy. The labeling was confusing at first because a lot of the lines were hard to tell where they were pointing but other than that it was all pretty cut and dry. 

Marriage Rights

I thought it was very interesting that we watched this particular movie on Wednesday. Just a couple of hours before in my Family Relationships class we were discussing cohabitation vs. marriage and the rights that come along with that. So many rights come along with marriage like power of attorney and inheritance rights. Professor Drobeck had even stated that before gay marriage was legalized, many gay and lesbian couples dealt with losing their homes when a spouse died. He told us a story about his neighbor who lost his house when his long time girlfriend passed away. He had paid for part of the house and took care of her during her battle with cancer, however he did not get anything in writing. The movie reminded me of this story but I imagine it was even more difficult years ago especially as a lesbian couple. I can't even imagine losing my spouse and my home in the same week. It makes me sad to think about how often thos might have occurred but I am glad that we now have legal marriage for all people and that this problem will occur much less often.

Under The Weather

Unfortuntately, I have been sick this week. Probably because this crazy weather went from like 85 degrees to 40-ish something overnight. Anyways, I thought the exam was about as hard as I anticipated it to be. One of the labeling images was a bit unfamiliar - but then again- I studied the material on a different image. I kinda hope we get a couple extra credit points for labeling more than what was required. 

Here is some comic relief- especially from someone that experiences test anxiety.
 (excuse the language please) 

I missed the movie- which I am a little sad about because I now feel like I've missed out on a lot of information. Does anyone know if there is a place online where I can view that movie so that I can catch up on what I missed? 

I'm looking forward to getting into new material in class. 

If Walls Could Talk

The video we watched in class this week was very interesting to me. It was cool to see the different generations of lesbian couples and the struggles they had to deal with depending on the year. The first story about the older ladies was very sad. I couldn't believe the lady who passed away didn't have a will leaving her possessions to her "friend." It was so wrong of her nephew to basically kick her out of her home that she had helped pay off. It broke my heart because I know that that sort of thing happens all the time, that's why I have stressed to my parents how important it is to make a will. I know once I get a full time job where I am getting an annual income I will be creating a will. Just in case anything were to happen to me, I want to make sure my loved ones are taken care of. The last story of the couple trying to get pregnant made me happy. I was glad the movie ended on a high note, and it showed how much times have changed. Also, knowing that the film was made in the 90s, it made me realize how much further we have come in accepting gay and lesbian couples, and how they are now able to get married and start a family.

week 5

well the first test is done.. check. it was pretty nice to have a movie day the day after the test and while it was like a transition into what we are going to discuss it was captivating through all three of the stories. the first story hit me the hardest, for sure. i cannot even image how it must feel to loose the person you loved most in life but you can not tell anyone that you loved her as more than a friend. and the fact that she had no legal rights; she wasn't even notified when she passed away and then the family members who did not even know her that well just came in and started packing up things that they were probably going to sell rather than keep and cherish. it really made me feel for her when the other lady in the waiting room asked if she still had a husband and when she replies that she never had a husband the other lady said something about how she was lucky because she would never have the hurt of saying goodbye.
in the second story the one thing i couldn't wrap my head around was how the other girls in the house were judging their friend and the girl she liked because amy was a different kind of lesbian than they were. like none of them fit the "norm" so why were they so quick to judge someone else who was different because its not like it was easy for them at first. you would think that they might have been a little more understanding about amy.
it was interesting to see the progression from the first story to the last story; going from where you are just friends living together to being a couple who is able to get donated semen to try to have a child together. the 4th try when they finally go to the OB-GYN for the insertion of the semen and just how supportive the doctor is of them and their decision to try to have a child. personally, i am completely heterosexual but it makes me so happy that our society has evolved and is still evolving so that people can love who they truly love. also loved that Ellen Degeneres was in the movie, she is the best!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Week six, blog five

Today, as I read the email about the film we were going to watch in class today I honesty didn't feel like going to class, being my only class of the day. I'm glad I did go though, I found if very interesting, funny and sad at the same time. The first story almost brought me to tears. First, Edith wasn't even allowed to go see her because she want "family", the body couldn't even be released to her because legally they were nothing. It made me mad how the nephew's wife treating her, all of sudden she cared about Abby, or should I say about Abby's stuff. I was getting so annoyed by her. It must of been hard for people back in those days to not be able to be freely and open about their relationship. Having to just sit there and see someone take all their partner's things away because to them they were just "good friend". I can't even imagine the things that were going through Edith's head at that time. The last story was funny, then again when is Ellen not funny? That scenario can still be applied to today, I've witnessed it recently actually. Two of my really good friend are currently going through the process of trying to conceive a child by a superb donor, hopefully they get good news soon. The movie was definitely interesting!  

Blog number... ?

The movie we watched today was very interesting. Today in my Family Relationships class we talked about cohabitation, common law marriage and same sex marriage and how those couples go through a lot of trouble when one or the other dies as there is no legal document making the other as the next of kin. This was the case in the first story where Edith could not have a say in what to do with the body or claim their house because no legal document declared her the spouse. It was also sad that she had to fix up the house to make it look like they really lived as friends and roommates. The second story it took me a while to catch up because I thought it was a flashback of when the first couple met, I didn't realize there was more than one story.. Oops. But it was upsetting that someone who fought for womens rights couldn't even fight for her love at first. Either way if they wanted equality wouldn't that mean that she should be allowed to dress like a man if she wanted to? Anyway, the third story with Ellen was very Ellen Degeneres with the comedy. I'm glad that in the end they were able to get pregnant. I liked how the movie took us through like a timeline of how same sex views have changed. I wonder how they would portray 2016. 

This week....

This week has been very busy and stressful for me, so I am glad we got to watch a film today in class. I will be honest and say that I am not very comfortable with the whole idea of lesbians and girls kissing and being a couple, but I will say this movie was very eye opening to me and made me think about these couples on a more deeper level.  The first "story" where the one older lady died, was a very sad concept to watch. I felt sorry for the lady, because her partner died and she really could not say she was in love with her to anyone. I could not even imagine what that must have felt like not being able to say anything and just let these people come in and start taking her stuff, even her bird collection. The second "story" I found a little bit odd just because I am not a drinker and I do not smoke. I was not even zoned in that they girls liked one another, I was focused on why on these young girls drinking and smoking. It may be weird, but that is what I was thinking when I watched this part of the film. This story also made feel a little weird, because all the girls that lived with each other also liked each other and kissed one another. I was very confused by this part of the film. I am still not really accepting of same sex dating or marriage, but this film definitely made me see that the couples have the same feelings as everyone else and go through pretty much the same stuff normal couples do.

Blog #5

This week was an easy going week, I feel like the test was easy going if you really studied for it. We were given enough time to study for it, so that was something that helped out a lot. The labeling was a little difficult for me, but then again I really didn't study much of that part thinking the pictures wouldn't go too much into detail. Having a large amount of questions on the test was very helpful though if you really studied all the study guides we were given.

The film we watched in class today was a good video on different relationships between lesbians. I thought that the first story was very sad, nobody really knew how the lady was feeling when she lost the love of her life because they believed she was just a "friend", she was a lot more than that but it was sad that things didn't go the way she wanted them too. Not only was she left with out the love of her life, but they took everything else form her as well. The second story was a good way to show how you need to stand up for what you want. The lesbian friends were quick to judge how her lesbian lover dressed like a man, until she finally stood up for what she really wanted and didn't let that stop her from seeing her new love. The third and last story showed how lesbians can have children and it is not a problem, the only thing is that it will not contain the DNA of both lesbians.

Blog 5

This week was pretty good for me in class, since we had our test on Monday and the movie today. I am glad that the exam got moved up to Monday, last week I had all of my exams for my other classes so that way I had more time to study during the weekend. The test itself was pretty good, for me, it wasn't too easy nor too hard. Now I know what and how to study for the next upcoming exams. The labeling part of the test wasn't too hard for me, in fact, I feel pretty confident about that part of the test, except that the pictures were very blurry so it was kind of hard to label them because my labeling/writing wasn't that noticeable. I loved today's movie, it was very interesting to see how lesbians and all homosexuals have come along way from all these past decades.


The part of the movie that hit me the hardest was the beginning when the elder lady had to just sit back and deal with her lover passing away on her own because they were just "friends". I could not have been as nice as she was to the family but I guess she had to be. I could not have dealt with them going through all of their stuff and taking it without even asking. That would have tip me over the edge. But I guess I do not think about that kind of stuff since I am heterosexual and do not have to hide it like people who were not back in that time period. So this movie really opened my eyes to see how other people had to and have to live their lives.

Movie Day

I really enjoyed the film we watched in class today. The first part resonated with me the most. The woman dedicated her life, her heart, her soul to her lover yet because she was "just a friend" was not even notified of her passing. On the other hand, the woman who's husband had a heart attack had the opportunity to talk to  the doctor and see her husband. Is their love any different? Their commitment? Their hurt? It's all the same. This woman had to sit back while her lover's remains were waiting to be claimed because she didn't have that right. She had to watch strangers come into the home they shared together and watch them pick and choose what mementos they deserved to keep because they were family and she was not. It made me want to jump into the film and kick them out! Lol. It really made me think about all the people in the world who've had to endure the same situation because they are just the "friend." 

Test week

The test wasn't too bad. I struggled with the labeling part the most. I'm was really happy with the test material we got to study and that it actually showed  up on the test! I know we've all had that one professor that gave out a study guide and then had a test over, what felt like, a completely different topic.

I'm pretty sure I have a cold right now (weather change does that to me) so I'm missing the movie today to drink water and rest. I really feel like I don't have the time to be sick this semester!

Anyway, I'm hoping someone will post about the movie you guys watch in class today or maybe give out the title so I can find it online somewhere. Look forward to hearing about it in class next week regardless.


Blog #5

I think this week was pretty low key in class. I am very happy that the test got changed to Monday because I felt very unprepared last week. I had time to really read the textbook over the weekend and felt that it was very helpful. I loved that we got all of the questions before and had time to go through them (all 240 of them!). I was most scared about the labeling and I did not think that it was bad at all. I can't wait to get our grades back! I definitely left some spaces blank but not as many as I thought I would. The most interesting reading in the textbook was all of the different culture's perspectives on sex and how the view of sex has changed over the years. It was interesting to read about sex being only for procreation, who taught that and how that view has changed over time.

studying the vulva and vagina.

It was both comical and inspiring to walk into class on exam day to see a room full of people studying the vulva diagram. It's not often to see that. A girl, sitting down, her eyes focused on the vagina and each of it's individual parts. I couldn't help but laugh. Then it took to think about how awesome this class is. I mean, I already knew that. But it was another reminder.
I think it's so important that a woman knows her vagina and how each part functions.

A few weeks ago I was babysitting. More like just picking these kids up from school since it's two girls, ages 12 and 14. The younger of the two had her menarche in December. We were talking about pads versus tampons. At this early start in her puberty she has only used pads. She said something though that alarmed me. "I don't even know where that hole is." She was refering to the vaginal opening where a tampon is inserted. I didn't know what to say. But it showed me how they do not teach the body anatomy in schools. Another issue in our sex education. It reminded me of how I too did not know how to insert a tampon for a long time. I try not to parent too much since I am not her mom and her mother may have plans to show her about her body. I do hope that her mind grows curious and that she explores her body. Because a woman should know, and men should too frankly.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Exam week

I figured we were all probably in recovery mode from the exam yesterday, so I found this sex-ed related convo on Tumblr. I thought it was pretty awesome. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Decision Making about SEX!

Parents, Peers, and Pressures: Identifying the Influences on Responsible Sexual Decision-Making- This is the name of an interesteding article on sexual decision making. This article had some really interesting information about SEX! - Link to the article. 

Some of the information this article presented couldn't be real. For example; "Every hour of every day, two American young people contract HIV, 96 become pregnant, and nearly 350 more contract a sexually transmitted disease (U.S. Public Health Service, 2001)."

^^^^^ This information about HIV seemed very unrealistic. Then I realized as an individual I don't think about people having HIV. When of course HIV is a thing and people do have it!! This article made me realize a couple things. As an individual I need to be more aware of issues/facts of everyday life that happen to people. When I was a teenager I was not sexually active but that was because it was my decision to not be sexually active. I tend to forget not everyone chose that path. I tend to forget so many teenagers today are sexually active. Because of this? I am scared to have kids! I won't know how to talk to them because I chose to not know about sex AND my parents didn't see a need to explain anything to me. Because of this as a young adult I was very unaware of sexual jokes, etc. 

But overall I! I recommend reading this article! It is very interesting. :) 

Blog 4

I really enjoyed the panel that we had in class. I really liked that we got to speak to the midwife. I'd never completely understood what a midwife did or could do. She clarified so many of my questions and it was really cool to see how passionate she is about her job. The fact that she has delivered babies for free is awesome, especially since its so expensive and getting a midwife can be kind of a privilege because of insurances. It was truly inspiring to see someone who is so passionate about what she does. It was also cool to see the dads perspective on things. He seems like such great dad and its really nice to see that there are good dads out there. I don't have the best one and from speaking to my friends it seems like there aren't a lot of very good ones out there. It's great to know that he's out there talking to dads about how to be better and how to be there for their kids. The mother was also really cool. I can't believe she had twins and all boys and still keep having kids. I would be so scared.

contraception and sex ed

I had no idea there were so many forms of female contraception! Up to this point I had only known about condoms, birth control pills, IUD, and the shot. I have been on the pill for years, but I wish I had been informed of these options sooner in life because I feel it would have saved me from some sticky situations in the past. This has changed my views on parenting in a way because I will have so much more to talk to my future kids about than I thought and be able to give them a base for a healthy, successful future. Although most of our generation didn't receive accurate information, it's nice to know that sex ed is changing for the better and that younger generations will have access to helpful information. A better, healthier future is ahead!!

late panel blog

I thought the panel was really interesting and a unique way to learn. It was a nice change of pace to get information directly from people who deal with these topics on a daily basis. One thing that really interested me was learning about home births. A home birth is not something I have ever really considered for myself, but the more I learn in this class about health and the different options that are available, the more I think I may consider a natural home birth. But no pain medicine kind of freaks me out. OUCH! Although, it is mind over matter. :) I'm not usually one to speak out in class, but I think as the semester progresses, I will get more comfortable doing so. I am really enjoying this class more than any other class I'm taking this semester and I look forward to gaining more knowledge on this subject! Now if I could only remember to do these blogs on

Sunday, February 21, 2016

blog #4

Class this week was so interesting! I learned a lot of new info from the speakers, I actually had no idea what a doula is!
I knew about midwifes and about home births but I had no idea there was much more to a doula.
I also liked to hear about how these people approach "the talk" with their children. I think i will apply these ideas and methods when have my own children. Talking about the plan b pill was also helpful because I had a lot of misconceptions about this method of birth control, and I am glad I'm more informed about it.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Blog 4

I really enjoyed the panel this week! I didn't know that much about home births and Seregant mothers and I am super interested now! After this panel I think I really want to have an at home birth or go to a birthing center! I also REALLY enjoyed the father speaker he was a sweetheart and seemed like an amazing guy! I personally have never been on birth control so I also really enjoyed hearing all the details and learning more in depth about it! I can't wait for the next panel because I know it will be way better.

Blog 4

Okay so I had a horrible experience with the birth control patch for some odd reason. I was on it for about a month or so, then at night I would wake up with horrible pain in my legs. They were throbbing like crazy. So I started googling and WebMD-ing my symptoms because I thought I was dying (of course lol) and came to find out that I had a blood clot in my leg. I'm not diabetic or anything like that, but it does run in my family. So I was instructed to take it off immediately. The next day after I ripped it off, I had a period for at least 2-3 weeks. Ugh. I just thought I'd share my experience with y'all. Obviously, everyone is different and I probably just have the worst luck ever lol so choose the method that works best for you!

Blog #4

I really enjoyed the panel that we had on Monday. I learned a great deal from all three, but particularly the midwife. I have never met a midwife and the only thing I knew about them was that they specialize in pregnancy and delivery. When I heard her speak she sounded really intelligent and you could tell that she truly enjoys what she does. I wonder why she doesn't go for like an OB/GYN, she would make a great doctor. The other lady and guy that was there shared some interesting stories as well. I always like to hear real cases from professionals in the field.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Panel Discussion

   I think the panel was really informative and enjoyable. We learn about all of these concepts all of the time but I've never actually heard first hand stories from people who actually went through these experiences. I believe this is a great way to learn about these topics first hand and really get a first hand understanding of other people's experiences, and I believe it also gives the class a perfect opportunity to sympathize with others. I'm really excited that were going to have a few more panels this semester, I really look forward to it. I also especially enjoyed David. I thought he was hilarious and he gave a perfect view of pregnancy and having a child from the dads side. I grew up without my dad, so I loved hearing how involved some dads can really be.

Blog #4

     The panel discussion was wonderful.  My favorite part had to have been when the father shared his experiences about his wife and daughter, as well as his work through Head Start.  I especially enjoyed his response to the question about same sex partners raising a child.  He was very respectful while still sharing his personal opinion on the matter.  His heartfelt moment he shared with us about  how his singing brought his daughter out of distress in the womb was incredible.
     Although what the father shared with us was the highlight for me, I did gain a lot of knowledge from the women on the panel.  I appreciated their honesty and openness to share.  It was admirable.   I am thrilled to be learning so much every week and am very excited to attend more panel discussions. 


I thought the panel was great. 
Learned a lot. especially liked the midwife. 

Panel Discussion

     I personally really enjoyed the panel. It took a bit to get the ball rolling, but after a while people really got interested and there were alot of good questions. I feel like most of the questions were directed at the midwive, and not many questions were directed at the father. Which I thought was unfortuanate but I know that her expertise was of interest to many students. I really did learn alot from the panel. I never knew how much a midwive could do. I thought they just helped you throughout the pregnancy but they have medical training and actually deliver the baby. The panel really made me think about if I want to deliver in a hospital, birthing center, or do an at home birth (that is, if I end up having children. I may just buy 50 puppies instead and be a crazy dog lady). It's unfortunate that the other panel member couldnt make it because having an abortion person would've been interesting and I was looking forward to that. I think not having her there kept the panel a little more light and strictly informative. I know that abortion is a hot topic, so some students may have wanted to argue about that, which would have derailed the conversation. Also, if she were there, I'm sure most of the questions would've have been directed to her which wouldn't have given us a diverse set of questions and responses. Overall, I think that the panel was really cool and I'm pretty pumped for the remaining ones. Especially the BDSM/kink one. That should be pretty interesting!


 Monday's panel was not only informative but also interesting. I feel I learned the most from the midwife however the other two panelists were full of information as well. In my family a midwife has never been discussed as an option. I mean I have heard of a midwife but I don't feel as if I understood completely what it is that they do.  I have always been scared of the pain of birth, however after our discussion of birth with the midwife, in a strange way I don't feel as frightened.  I love that she had concrete facts to support the use of a midwife. Quite honestly having a midwife and a strong support system as she said, now sounds more appealing than having a typical hospital birth. 

Blog # 4

I really enjoyed the panels this week. Having a panel is a great way to get information about things from people who know what they are talking about and have had some prior experience on the subject matter. It was nice because people in the classroom were asking questions that I wouldn’t have even thought about asking.  I liked how interactive it was and I was able to learn a lot of new stuff! For example, I was not aware that sometimes some part of the perineum is cut during pregnancy. I definitely just cringed now thinking about makes me even question if I want to have kids in the future. I was very interested with the midwife. I had gone in thinking that I knew what they did and that they were similar to Doula but I was proven wrong and now I know the difference between the two. All in all, this week has been really fun.  I am very much looking forward to the panels later on in the semester.

Before I finish this post, can we please talk about Wednesday class for a second? I don’t know what makes people think that sticking a potatoes up your vagina is going to block sperm from getting through. I’m just glad that it was found soon enough so that no serious damage was done inside of her. The fact that she had something growing inside of her that was not a baby is just plain bizarre. This just shows us that our health education is in dire need of an update. But then again she wasn’t from the U.S. so might not have been aware of all the other options available to prevent pregnancy and was most likely tried to find the cheapest home remedy.