Thursday, February 4, 2016

Admitting Sex is about Pleasure

For my second blog I wanted to talk about the article that I read about what would happen if we admitted to children that sex is primarily about pleasure. The article really opened up my eyes about how important it is to explain to children (at a young age) about sex and giving them the proper sexual education. It is awesome the way that Alice and her husband chooses to inform their 9 year old son about sex and everything that it entails. Not only do they give him all the basic knowledge but they remain very honest about what sex really is about; pleasure. Having sex is an action that can bring pleasure. The responsibility comes from understanding that that pleasure can potentially bring new life. I think that children should be educated about both sides of the spectrum. People may believe that it might be too much information for kids at a young age but I am starting to realize the earlier the better. Educating your children about sex at a young age can also create an open and honest foundation between the both of you. They might feel more comfortable coming to you about more questions if and when they choose to engage in sexual activities or anything of that sort. My parents didn't use this route with me but I'm grateful that I got the education that I needed and that now, as an adult, I can be completely open and honest with them about anything. I hope that I will take what I learn about the importance of sex ed and use it with my own children in the positive way that Alice Dreger did in her article. 

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  1. I agree that children should learn at a younger age! when i was 10 and started my period i had no idea what was going on. even though i lived in a house with two other women (mom and grandma) i still had no idea what was really going on. i didnt know why one second id want to hurt someone and the next cry for no reason. it took me being an adult and researching to really understand the chemical changes us ladies go through once a month. if i had just be taught that our bodies change chemically during those times, i wouldnt have felt so weird and out of place with something that is so natural!