Saturday, February 6, 2016

After a long talk with my mom over the discussion of this article, I understand the viewpoints from both sides of the debate. I, on one side, agree with the author that this would be a great way to not only educate our children but also help them feel more comfortable to come to us with any strange questions they hear at school. I can recall at only the age of eight or nine being told what a blow job was and being completely disgusted I thought there was no way that it could be true. However, since my mom had never talked to me about any such thing, I assumed it was something I wasn't suppose to know. I did not even think about going to her to clarify any concerns I had about it. Growing up children are told the craziest things from other students and usually believe them. Also at this young age, I was informed that sex was fun and that our parents did it all the time.

This article imposed an idea that had never crossed my mind but after reading this families personal experience, I now hope to be able to have this conversation with my children in the future. It seems that most parents are too afraid of their children have sex at young ages. I believe that a teenager or adult is going to have sex when they please regardless if they're parents told them it was about pleasure and not simply reproduction. Teenagers will have most likely have already heard the truth about sex from their peers anyways so it might as well also come from their parents who can tell them more truths regarding the child curiosity. Overall, I found this article very intriguing which is why I asked my mother her opinion and why she never thought of doing the same. Of course, I got the answer I was guessed; that because "then you would have wanted to do it sooner." My opinion remains that same still; thinking this is a great idea and it will only lead the child to be more comfortable around me and more comfortable with their own sexuality.

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