Friday, February 19, 2016

Aunt x4!!

I just found out a couple of hours ago that I will be an aunt for the FOURTH TIME!! Now, before I say anything, I must say that I am very excited for yet another little blessing... :) However, my brother and his wife have three already; the oldest is 7 and the youngest is 3. It's so scary how they're all so close in age!! The only child that was planned was the youngest as of right now which is kind of funny to me. When my mom told me the news (because naturally the grandmother finds out first... lame) she said that they were definitely shocked because they were very "careful". It just made the think of ALL THE CONTRACEPTIVE METHODS I'VE LEARNED THIS WEEK and how they probably weren't as "careful" as they could've been. Although i'm very thankful for my new niece/nephew, I would really love to show them Professor Stone's contraceptives 101 lecture when I spend the summer with them, haha!

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