Friday, February 12, 2016

Availability of Contraceptives

I thought it was really interesting to see how so many people did not know about all the different types of contraceptives. I knew about all the ones we discussed, however I think an important note is availability. A couple of years ago I asked my doctor if I could have a diaphragm. He fit me for one and wrote me a prescription. I took the prescription to CVS like I do with all my prescriptions. After 2 weeks of waiting they informed me they could not fill it and after a few phone calls finally recommended me to a pharmacy who could. That pharmacy had some available but informed me that my insurance - united health care - did not cover diaphragms because they were really "not necessary" since I was on birth control and birth control is a more effective method anyway. The reason I wanted a diaphragm was for a backup method since I sometimes can be forgetful with my pills. Out of pocket cost was way out of my price range so I had to do without. I think it's ridiculous that my health insurance gets to determine what method of birth control is most effective for me. I think access and availability should be something that our society should work to improve on. I know that my insurance and/or the government would spend less money on a diaphragm for me than they would on a pregnancy and child.

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