Friday, February 5, 2016

Blog #2: "What If We Admitted to Childen That Sex Is Primarily About Pleasure"

I found the article very entertaining. I was actually shocked by how much the little boy knew and it kind of posed the question.. "well, is there a such thing as telling them too much at a certain age?" But anyway, I do agree that sex education should be talked about in the home. Kids go to school receive information from the sex ed class, hear myths and stories from students, and don't really get accurate information about sex education sometimes. If it was a comfortable, normal, casual conversation held at home it wouldn't be as bad. However, there is that fear of parents also giving the wrong information. In my family sex education is not really discussed and I think that it should be now more than ever. Social media has such an impact on adolescents and they have way more access to things now than we did then. I definitely will begin talking about sex education to my child at a young age. I can't say that I would mention the pleasure part though. Just my preference.

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