Friday, February 5, 2016

Blog # 2

You wouldn’t think that politics has a big role in our sexuality but in many ways it does. In class we had discussed that the United States had sodomy laws until 2003. I was very shocked by this.  First off there was nothing enforcing those laws, second it shouldn’t even be enforced, third it shouldn’t even be a law. I think that what people do in their private lives or how they choose to do things should not be the concern of the government unless it is actually causing harm. I was actually surprised that we had such law in place because in all honestly it was stupid. I mean did people actually get together to discuss about this topic?! Also, for the longest time we didn’t count gay marriage as a legitimate form of marriage, in doing so, many homosexual men and women would have had to hide their sexual identity. They were neither getting the equal treatment from the government nor the support that they needed. The government is supposed to treat all of its citizens as equal, and in making sex marriage legal, it was able to prove that heterosexual identity is not above other types of sexual identities. I am so happy that United States finally legalized same sex marriage because it was long overdue. As a country that is looked upon, I hope this change will encourage changes in other countries.

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