Friday, February 5, 2016

Blog # 2

    I found this article very interesting and entertaining. It was nice to see these parents taking a completely different approach to education on sex than most other parents would feel comfortable to do. To me I feel that this women is a highly educated person, because what I've learned through my psychology and child development classes is that knowledge is power. Everyone has the fear that if you fully let children in on what sex is really about, then they are for sure going to engage in sexual activity at an earlier age then normal, but that's obviously not the case. By making sex such a secretive and made to seem scary act, it's more likely to make kids feel ashamed about themselves, their bodies and their inanate sexual urges. People should be one hundred percent aware of what they're getting themselves into when it comes to sex, that way they have the knowledge to make an adequate decision as to when the right time for them is. If society continues to perpetuate this negative stigma on sex, teens are going to grow up being ashamed and most likely hiding the things they are doing, rather than being comfotable enough with themselves and their sexuality to share their experiences, whether they be good or bad. I think these parents did a wonderful job normalizing sex, considering it's such a normal part of every adults life, whether for reproduction or for pleasure. I know if I ever have kids, this is the exact way I would raise them as well, because I wish my mom had been slightly more open with me and not so secretive on the truths that I would just have to find out for myself in the coming years.

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