Friday, February 5, 2016

Blog 2

I really enjoy this class and interested in seeing all the topics we cover this semester. This week, I enjoyed both lectures. I do think it is important to tell our children a little bit about sex. They need to know where babies come from, etc. My parents never gave me a sex education talk. I received a book and was told to read it my senior year of high school. I think it is important for children to be educated any way they can. So starting early when they are in high school is an appropriate time to talk about sex. I was only given a video in the 8th grade. Children should know that sex is for reproduction. I think there is a certain age where you don't need to begin speaking to your children about sex but this world has changed and girls are getting pregnant in middle school. I think it is crazy that young teens are having sex at such an early age because I don't think they fully understand the consequences that could happen. I do strongly believe every parent should sit down with their child and talk about sex because my parents did not and it was hard for me to know a lot about it. I had my first boyfriend my freshman year of high school and my mom only put me on birth control. She had me on that real fast but never had the sex talk with me.

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