Friday, February 5, 2016

Blog #2

This week we talked about research. It's really not a topic I'm interested in at all. The introductory chapter had some pretty interesting information. The topic about genital mutilation was horrifying. I can't believe that some girls have to go through that. I get that it's their culture and they don't see it as wrong but to me that seemed so awful. I know that we won't be talking about the reproductive system until next week but I thought the chapter was pretty interesting. The part about the difference in amount of tips strippers make when they're ovulating was really interesting and kind of funny. Turns out strippers who aren't on birth control and go through regular menstruation cycles get more tips when they're ovulating and on average make more tips than strippers who are on birth control and don't ovulate. It was fun to speak to my roommates about that and their reactions were pretty entertaining. It's interesting how men can in some way detect the hormone level changes in women during the menstruation cycle.

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