Friday, February 5, 2016

Blog #2

When we talked in class about sex education research being paid for and supported by the government, I believe that it should be done but if it is done by the right people. The government should provide a sufficient amount of funds to the research. There is other things that the government should fund in terms of what is good for the country. Sex education I believe is something that should be taught at an early age. The article, "Admitting sex is about pleasure", is a good article about how parents should teach and inform their children about sex. Many times kids are not informed and learn the incorrect information from stories they might hear from others. Parents believe that it is wrong for their children to know about sex but then when are they supposed to learn? Sex is something that many people do for pleasure because it is how our body works. Sex was not just made to reproduce, it is fun and a pleasure that you can enjoy with a partner. There will always be people against something, just the fact that they believe sex is for older people, has more people traumatized about their children knowing about sex.

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