Friday, February 5, 2016

Blog #2

I have found it interesting in class so far when abstinence has come up because I think it has been talked about in mostly a negative way. I think that this is because abstinence has been taught in the wrong way in most schools, households, etc. We do need to educate people on how to be smart and safe while having sex because people are going to have sex with each other. I do not really like the word "abstinence" because when people hear it they completely shut off, which is totally understandable. I bring this up because I did not have sex until marriage and it was not something I felt pressured into, though I am a Christian, I did not think that God was going to punish me if I had sex. I felt that it was something that I chose for myself. It was not an easy decision and it was super hard to follow through because my husband and I were obviously very attracted to each other but it was something we felt was right for us. While we were dating, we had people around us that normalized our struggles and I really realized that we were made to be attracted to other people and that sex is normal and a way to express that. Just because my husband and I waited to have sex, I would not say I was "abstinent". I would say that I was sexually attracted to my husband and I chose to push that aside for the time being and just get to know him. We are so thankful for that time because we really got to know each other. I know that not everyone chooses to do that so teaching "abstinence only" is very naive and does not seem to do a lot of good. I think Sex Education in schools needs to be more balanced and comprehensive.

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