Friday, February 5, 2016

Blog #2

I always look forward to coming to this class to what new information I will obtain and share with my boyfriend. This week discussing in groups the pros and cons to resources really makes you see that we get sex education all the time and whether it is accurate or not the information is readily available. Rooting back to the first week of class this week was a reflection that we get multiple types of information from books, movies, the internet..the issue is that it is not always accurate. I am lucky to have had so many nurses and reliable sources to turn to and a family that was so open to discuss and sex related questions or concerns. This class is making me realize I actually took in way more sex education than the average person and for that I thank my momma! I am super excited for the lbgtq panels. My sister is a lesbian and I'm very curious to learn things I'd never have the nerve to ask her.

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