Thursday, February 11, 2016

Blog 3: Class was interesting

Well first off I can't get jiggy with those contraceptions that you have to put in your vagina.. I just personally can't deal.

As SOON as class was over I met up with my boyfriend and was like "ya know I learned in class there's a 85% chance that I can get pregnant cuz we don't use contraception" (besides the pull out method) & he's like "well you're not taking that pill again" (it made me really fat).. so obviously he wants a kid and that conversation went no where. lol.

But I don't want a kid right now. And thanks to my sexuality class I found out that I don't necessarily  HAVE to take the pill & there are other options. So, I think I would like to try the patch or I heard some girls in the class say they get the shot. I'd try that too.

Anyways, I really appreciated this lesson a lot. There were things about the anatomy that I felt both girls and boys needed to know about each other. I think it informs each sex what is sensitive and pleasing to the other sex which is informative and helpful. I also appreciate the lesson informing us on the different contraceptions (that I had no idea about half of) and the visuals Prof. Stone provided really helped me personally in deciding which ones I would prefer to use. So a big thank you to Prof. Stone for the anatomy and contraception lessons!

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