Friday, February 12, 2016

Blog #3

      I'm not too sure what to write about in this blog, so I guess I'll just ramble a bit. I think that the last few things that we've discussed in class have been very interesting. I really enjoyed learning about male and female anatomy. Most of that stuff I knew already from previous classes and my own independent research, but some of it was still new information. I feel like in class we really focused on female anatomy, and male anatomy got pushed to the back burner a bit. Not that we didn't learn about it, I just feel like we didn't go as in depth as we did with the female anatomy. This may be because the class is mostly female so it pertained to us more, or because female anatomy is just more complicated than male anatomy. Either way, I definitely enjoyed learning about both! Also all of the contraception. I like to thing of my self as pretty sex positive and sex informed. but there were still some contraceptive methods that were new to me. Like the spermicide foam and film. Also, I had never actually held a diaphragm in person so it was nice to actually get an idea of what what actually felt like. I really liked how the professor brought in actual products so that we could get a better idea of the different kinds of contraception. I think it's one thing to see them on a power point, but its an entirely different learning experience to actually hold them in your hand and see them.
      I am also pretty excited about the upcoming panel! I loving hearing discussion especially ones focusing on first hand experiences. And from the sounds of it, I think the discussion is going to be pretty interesting. It seems like we're going to have a pretty diverse group of people, and a lot of people at that. I feel like abortion may be a hot topic in this upcoming panel, so I'm interested to see what kind of discussion stems from it.

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