Friday, February 12, 2016

Blog #3

I learned soooo much in class this week when talking about contraception that it was a topic I took and talked to my friends about. To me contraception was either birth control, condoms, or the day after pill. I had heard about the injection but never really looked into it. It amazes me how many different way people can avoid pregnancy yet there is still many "accidental" ones. Many do try to use contraception but don't use it correctly causing the percentage of possible pregnancy to rise. Like mentioned in class, the only form of contraception that will absolutely keep you 100% from getting pregnant is to be abstinent. Before Wednesday, I had no idea they made condoms for females, I always thought that it was something for the male to wear. I feel like I am in a way educated enough to keep myself protected from possibly getting pregnant or getting some sort of STD. I believe that a class of contraception along with a sex education class should be required at some point in a student's life. They are two very important topics that many do know pay attention too and that is how we have some "accidental" pregnancies or STD's going around.

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