Friday, February 19, 2016

Blog #4: The Panel and the juice box

I really enjoyed the panel discussion even though I was nervous to ask my questions in front of everyone. Because I honestly did nooot know what a midwife was and didn't want to be that one person to sound stupid.

But anyways, after the panel discussion I went home and talked to my roommate/best friend who is currently pregnant (I'm a god mom btw, yay!) and started talking to her about the different options of giving birth. It even made me want to research at home births and water births for when I decide to have a child. She knew that she wanted to have a natural hospital birth, but seemed intrigued when I mentioned home births.

 I just love that I can leave class and go out and have discussions about my lectures because my friends are sometimes misinformed and don't know things such as the many contraceptions, ways to give birth, etc. just like me.

I also asked my pregnant best friend what was she going to tell Noah (her son) what his penis was called and she said I'm going to tell him it's his "juice box"

 *rolls eyes* I said just tell him it's his penis!

(can't you just picture a little boy saying "hey girls wanna see my juice box!?")

just me? k. cool.

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