Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Blog #4

I thought the idea of the panel was a great one. Many times we learn about things that we must know because of the curriculum but we never really put into consideration and compare it with real life situations. I never really knew how a midwife worked so everything that Sam shared with us was very interesting to me. I knew it was possible to deliver your child from home and I knew many people delivered their babies into water but I did not know that the midwife carried that job. I didn't know a midwife also supports the pregnant mother throughout the whole pregnancy, I figured it was only at the time of birth. It was interesting to know that there is another option than seeing an OBGYN throughout your pregnancy. Hearing Alex speak about how she made it through grad school as a single parent just proved that anything is possible. One of my best friends just had a baby and she is raising him on her own, she wants to go back to school but figures it will be too hard on her. I have been trying to get her to understand that it will be difficult but will always be possible and hearing Alex's story helped me explain to her a little better. In previous classes that I have taken, we have talked about the importance of the father in the picture so I completely agreed with everything that David had to say. It is great that he is having different programs to show dads how they should be a part of the relationship to help their child. It isn't always up to the mom. I am really looking forward to more panels to come.

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