Monday, February 22, 2016

Blog 4

I really enjoyed the panel that we had in class. I really liked that we got to speak to the midwife. I'd never completely understood what a midwife did or could do. She clarified so many of my questions and it was really cool to see how passionate she is about her job. The fact that she has delivered babies for free is awesome, especially since its so expensive and getting a midwife can be kind of a privilege because of insurances. It was truly inspiring to see someone who is so passionate about what she does. It was also cool to see the dads perspective on things. He seems like such great dad and its really nice to see that there are good dads out there. I don't have the best one and from speaking to my friends it seems like there aren't a lot of very good ones out there. It's great to know that he's out there talking to dads about how to be better and how to be there for their kids. The mother was also really cool. I can't believe she had twins and all boys and still keep having kids. I would be so scared.

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