Friday, February 19, 2016

Blog #4

I absolutely LOVED the panel! I thought that it was awesome that we had different perspectives talking about giving birth. I think that having a baby is something that is super personal and can be very scary. There is a big push right now for more natural births (natural births are awesome) but a mother who chooses to have her baby in the hospital is no less of a person. I loved hearing how Alex had a Obgyn that she really trusted. I also loved to hear about her c-section. I hope that I do not ever have to have a c-section but hearing her reminded me that all that matters is delivering a healthy baby. I also do not really want to be a stay at home mom and it really helped me hearing Alex's story about how she went through depression because she really needs a job. It just highlighted the fact that everybody is different. I also loved the dad and could not agree more with what he was saying about dads being involved. I know in my own marriage, we really value being a team and when we do have kids, I want him to be by my side and actively involved in our children's lives. I am looking forward to hearing more panels!

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