Friday, February 26, 2016

Blog 5 i guess?

So this past week, I had four exams. One on Monday and three on Tuesday so it was safe to say that I was feeling the stress! But with the sexuality I felt like I could've almost made a pretty close to perfect score (Still anxiously waiting to get my grade back lol). Having the test question bank AND the quizzes helped tremendously and I hope we are able to use those for tests to come.

I was really excited to get the outline for the semester to see exactly what all we would be doing for the rest of the semester like, love and communication and sexual behaviors and especially all of the panels (not any particular one because they are all pretty interesting).

The movie we watched was very interesting. It put things into perspective when Ellen said something about being able to reproduce. Like, it's so easy for straight couples but for gay and lesbian relationships, they have to go through a totally different process. It can't be easy for them and it made me feel for their relationship. All in all, I liked the movie!

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