Thursday, February 25, 2016

Blog 5

The video we watched on Thursday was very interesting. I've never thought about how some people have to keep their relationships secret. The story that really hit me was the one of the older couple. She had been with her partner for over 30 years and she got no say or input in what happened to her. I can't believe they didn't even tell her when the woman died. I feel like i would've told her anyways. How did they even know that they were in some kind of relationship. Out of respect for people and life I feel like it wasn't a big deal to tell her. I just don't understand why the nurses or doctors wouldn't think it important to tell her. I understand that its private information but if she's dead then how much damage would it have done to just tell her. That part really bothered me and it made me really sad to think that some people actually had to go through stuff like that. The nephew and his wife drove me crazy! I get that they didn't know about their situation but she told them that they had lived together for 30 years! How are they not capable of thinking that she probably wouldn't want them to treat her like that. I seriously don't understand what these people were thinking. The way those people acted just seemed inhumane. I wouldn't even treat strangers the way that these people were treating the woman who was closest to her aunt. Overall the video made me more aware of how difficult it can be to get some basic respect when you're seen as different. I really hope that as a generation we can keep these kinds of things from happening. YAY MARRIAGE EQUALITY!! May everyone get the rights and respects they deserve!

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