Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Blog #5

This week was an easy going week, I feel like the test was easy going if you really studied for it. We were given enough time to study for it, so that was something that helped out a lot. The labeling was a little difficult for me, but then again I really didn't study much of that part thinking the pictures wouldn't go too much into detail. Having a large amount of questions on the test was very helpful though if you really studied all the study guides we were given.

The film we watched in class today was a good video on different relationships between lesbians. I thought that the first story was very sad, nobody really knew how the lady was feeling when she lost the love of her life because they believed she was just a "friend", she was a lot more than that but it was sad that things didn't go the way she wanted them too. Not only was she left with out the love of her life, but they took everything else form her as well. The second story was a good way to show how you need to stand up for what you want. The lesbian friends were quick to judge how her lesbian lover dressed like a man, until she finally stood up for what she really wanted and didn't let that stop her from seeing her new love. The third and last story showed how lesbians can have children and it is not a problem, the only thing is that it will not contain the DNA of both lesbians.

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