Friday, February 26, 2016

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WOW! Mrs.Stone was right...I did cry. Especially the first story! Actually I need to rant! The entire time I was so furious with the nephew and his wife. I don’t think just being related to someone by blood should automatically give you any right to decide things after their death. The mean the nephew didn’t even remember his aunt that well and he gets to decide what to do?! Does that even make sense? It seemed all they wanted to do was make a profit. It just broke my heart how insensitive they were to the whole situation. I mean the wife was walking out of the house with a lamp….mind you the “friend” is still living there.  Her partner knew her for so long that she should be the one to decide what to do following her death.  But, because of the circumstances and the stigma at the time associated with same sex couples, the partner couldn’t tell people that they were together.  It was so sad that she didn’t have any right and there was nothing she could really do. I’m sure that she felt very hopeless going through it all. I’m glad the movie ended in a happier and more comic note. It just shows how much we have improved from the past but also the struggles that lesbian couples have had to endure. Even now in the present time, trying to conceive a child is so difficult. Hopefully our reproductive technology will improve even more so that the process is easier. At the end of the class, I still kept thinking about the first story so I think it was definitely the one that left the biggest impact on me.  

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