Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Blog number four

As I was getting ready to write this weeks blog, I remembered that I forgot to blog last week... Way to go me! Anyways, contraception, yeah... I was fascinated about the amount of different contraceptions there are. I knew there were more than just condoms and the birth control pill, but I never knew there were that many. I was talking to my sister in law last weekend about them, and she like my self did not know there was such a large variety. On to the panel, it was interesting nonetheless. I enjoy de having a different perspective, from the dad, other than the mom. We only usually hear about the mom and how pregnancy is for them, but like it was said its "we are pregnant" not "she's pregnant". I also found interesting the midwife, I honestly never knew exactly what they were, which is kinda sad considering my mom had 4 out of 6 home births. I now want to talk to my mom about her own experiences. 

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