Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I was somewhat surprised to learn about all the methods of contraception today in class. I had already heard of most of them because I took human sexuality a few semesters ago but it is still shocking to see all the different types of contraception out there and still a lot of people don't use them. Ill be honest while a lot of them were cool to learn about most of them are not methods that I would be comfortable using. Mostly because, as mentioned today in class, most of them only help prevent pregnancy and don't help protect against STIs which is why I still prefer to always use condoms. Nevertheless some are good for if you are in a monogamous relationship because I love how you don't have to worry about taking it everyday like the pill. I have used the pill before an I have used the shot and I personally liked the shot much better because it was not something I had to insert into my body which I liked and and I did not have to worry about taking it everyday, I just had to go in every three months to get it again. I thought today's lecture was very informative and it's great to know all the birth control options in case I ever want to change my method in the future.

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