Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I know a lot of people will feel this way... or maybe not... it might just be me, but WOW I had absolutely no idea there was more than just condoms and birth control used for contraceptives. The different barrier methods really are very interesting especially the diaphragm. I don't really see how that would be comfortable at all, but I guess with stuff like this you shouldn't knock it till you try it! When I think i'm ready to have kids, I would definitely like to experiment with the different kinds of barriers and see which ones actually work. And if one doesn't... well, then I'll welcome my first child! Haha. The Intra-Uterine Devices really intrigued me as well. I got on birth control before I came to college and I never really thought about all of the hormones that it puts into my body so being presented with all the different kinds of devices that can be used it got me thinking that probably one day I'll want to use those instead!

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