Friday, February 12, 2016


Going into class this week I had no idea about all the different types of contraception there were! It's kind of sad that I got all the way to where I am in college and didn't know about the various types, although I've never really had a need to look up various methods of contraception, I never really considered that there were more than what? The very few that most people know about? Anyways, it's just something nobody has ever really talked to me about be it friends, family, or teachers and it kind of disgusts me to a point that most of the talks I did get were "oh just use birth control or condoms" or "oh no don't have sex because it is bad" and that's kind of really sad looking back at it all. There are all these various ways like the sponge and what not and nobody really talks about any of them? That is very ridiculous to me after sitting through class on Wednesday. On a side note, I never really watched Seinfeld so learning about that whole episode about the sponges was kind of interesting, at least it was mentioned somewhere right? To be completely fair, there is probably more media out there that I was never exposed to growing up that talked more openly about this kind of stuff, but unfortunately I never saw any of it. But hey! For the future I now know more types of contraception that will most definitely help me in the long run! So I guess this week was a really valuable week that I probably won't forget when I actually am in a relationship need/should think about that kind of stuff.

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