Monday, February 22, 2016

Decision Making about SEX!

Parents, Peers, and Pressures: Identifying the Influences on Responsible Sexual Decision-Making- This is the name of an interesteding article on sexual decision making. This article had some really interesting information about SEX! - Link to the article. 

Some of the information this article presented couldn't be real. For example; "Every hour of every day, two American young people contract HIV, 96 become pregnant, and nearly 350 more contract a sexually transmitted disease (U.S. Public Health Service, 2001)."

^^^^^ This information about HIV seemed very unrealistic. Then I realized as an individual I don't think about people having HIV. When of course HIV is a thing and people do have it!! This article made me realize a couple things. As an individual I need to be more aware of issues/facts of everyday life that happen to people. When I was a teenager I was not sexually active but that was because it was my decision to not be sexually active. I tend to forget not everyone chose that path. I tend to forget so many teenagers today are sexually active. Because of this? I am scared to have kids! I won't know how to talk to them because I chose to not know about sex AND my parents didn't see a need to explain anything to me. Because of this as a young adult I was very unaware of sexual jokes, etc. 

But overall I! I recommend reading this article! It is very interesting. :) 

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