Friday, February 26, 2016

Future Assignments

Soooo I am a huge NERD.  This is just something that I have come to terms with.  By NERD, I mean that I love schedules and starting assignments way too early.

When the professor announced that there was a new syllabus and assignments on TRACS, I went to the computer lab right after class and printed everything out.

I think that the experiential assignments are going to be very interesting.  The one about talking to my partner happened this week after I was looking ahead to the next chapters, but I am thinking about doing this one again.  That talk did not end so well... I was actually kind of embarrassed and uncomfortable talking about the "What do you want, what do I want, what can we do differently or try?"  I am going to try to have a talk again and try to be a little more open instead of taking everything that is said like a criticism.  I have super high expectations for myself in every aspect of life, so I take every little thing as criticism because I cannot let myself be too vulnerable or anything.

There are some other activities that I am looking forward to doing and writing about.  I think I might even be interested in coming up with my own activity.

But just to wrap up this week, I found the test to be a little stressful because I totally could not remember the dissected penis labeling part.  I totally had a brain fart and everything went away when I got to that part.  I think I got the other 2, but that one with the Vas Deferens I just went blank on for some odd reason.  I stared at that penis for a while (I get that that sounds really weird), but I studied it and went over the labeling several times.

As for the movie, I found it interesting and kind of sad.  Never in my life have I disliked a character that Paul Giamatti played.  I wanted to punch him! Or his movie wife.... she was pretty terrible.

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