Thursday, February 18, 2016

"He's gonna bite your nipple off"

This week was very interesting! I loved the fact that we got to have a panel and discuss and ask certain questions that we may have never had the right person to ask before. It was extremely helpful and definitely brought a lot of insight on different subjects. I loved that we talked about breastfeeding and I was super happy because I got to talk with Alex and Sam a little bit after class and they gave me some great tips. I have an 11 month old son and I only breastfed him until he was five months because he started getting teeth. Yes it hurt but I also had everyone around me saying "when he gets teeth stop" "he's gonna bite your nipple off" "you're crazy" so of course I stopped. Alex and Sam explained some methods to me that helped them get past the biting and I am very glad that I know this incase I decide to have another baby down the road, or  just be able to tell other mommas struggling with breastfeeding and biting how to deal with it.

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