Friday, February 19, 2016


I loved the panel on Monday! Kinda felt bad at first because it there where so many questions for just the midwife but I guess that’s not an aspect of child birth many people are used to. It is kind of funny for me because in my family midwifes are the norm. My mom, grandmas, aunts and cousin on both sides of my family have all had home births or at birthing centers. I have been to many home births and it is not something i am afraid of. I have always known I will have my baby at home (unless I have some sort of risk like Alex had with her twins). Anyways I went home and was talking to my friend and boyfriend about the panel and that I would for sure have my baby at home. My friend’s reaction was a little bit rude and she insinuated that I was being irresponsible or reckless. This really offended me but I didn’t want to try to argue and justify my choice. In fact I have come across this in my life when I tell people I was born at home; I was also born on a school bus which I where my parents lived at the time. When I was younger I was sometimes ashamed of this ‘like my parents didn’t have enough money to go to a hospital’ but really it was my dad and mom’s choice and my grandma was the midwife who delivered me. I loved when Sam discussed there are risks in all different types of ways to give birth you just have to choose which risks you are most comfortable with. I don’t care if someone wants to have all the drugs in the world, have a C section and feel nothing. I just hope they are informed on the risks and other options; but i would never try and tell them what to do or make them feel wrong for their decisions. I wonder if one day when I have a baby if my partner will support my choice to have a home birth. I guess I am the one who is pregnant but that person should have a say right? I just can’t imagine going to a hospital! That REALLY freaks me out!

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