Thursday, February 18, 2016

"I don't know what it is about me but girls never ask me to use condoms."

That's one of my favorite quotes from my favorite shows: Girls.
Season 1 Episode 2 - Vagina Panic
It kind of covers topics we've been going over lately, and I deff suggest it!
I'm covered with writes block right now...

Learning about contraception in class has been very interesting for me, specifically birth control since I've tried multiple different types.
I actually started taking birth control around 2008, just a basic pill. But throughout the years, and the different reactions I've had to each mediation I was prescribed a patch, an IUD, another type of pill and now a 91 day pill. For my blog this week, I wanted to touch on each birth control I've tried and my experience.

The pill:
When I first started having my period, my face broke out like crazy. I had acne but it wasn't too crazy, and my periods were insane. When my doctor prescribed me this pill I hoped it would help. nope.  Within the two years I was on this pill, I was hospitalized both years because my periods were so bad. The doctors thought I had appendicitis, gallbladder stones or something, but as it turns out after two CT scans I had golf ball sized cysts on my ovaries. Not only did this lead me to a different birth control, it also led me to my next birth control...

The patch:
Wow, I hated the patch. HATED IT. By the time I was taking this birth control I was in high school. I played AAU basketball since 4th grade, and track, volleyball, and basketball in school. My Gyno told me a hundred times that the patch would be sticky enough for me to wear, and I told her twice as many times that every time I turned around I was pulling it off my jeans or my basketball shorts because it had come off. Nothing was more annoying, and not only did that top it off, I began having worse periods and cramps. Most of my days were spent here..
Needless to say, the patch didn't last very long.

The IUD:
Wow. There is absolutely no other birth control that I hate than this birth control. IMO...this is the worst option, from my personal experience. I got the IUD in 2011, two years before I would leave for college. My sister had one, and she loved it! She's fertile fertile and has 4 kids, so what could go wrong? Right after the insertion, I could not stop bleeding. 

Granted spotting is normal in the beginning, it just never ended. When it finally did, the cramps were terrible. (Since removal I've never experienced a cramp like that before.) The yearly visit I went to after I got my IUD, I had gained 25 pounds. 25. Remember when I mentioned I was extremely active and involved in so many sports? Yeah, the doctor kept telling me it was my fault and the IUD could never make you gain weight. She convinced me and my mother that the IUD would get better, along with my sister in the other ear telling her it was a rough start but worth it in the end. So I kept on...and then my acne got worse. Much worse. I got cystic acne on my chin, EVERYWHERE. So bad that I couldn't open my mouth, which led me to a dermatologist. After trying some acne medication for a year, and seeing barely any difference I was  given a blood test. My Dermatologist was very surprised when she saw that my testosterone was slightly higher than a males. Next, I was recommended to a Endocrinologist and told to remove my IUD. 
So, 25 pounds gained, testosterone of a male, acne the size of mountains, now 4 years later we are only sure of two things. 
1. I need Accutane, because I've failed 3 different acne medications and 1 cream.
2. I have NCCAH, with a deficiency of a enzyme that only 20 some odd people in the world have, and I'm pretty much infertile.

The 91 day pill...
This has been my savior, I guess. While on the IUD I worked out but consistently gained weight. After the removal I found a trainer (I lost almost all my motivation out of frustration) and lost 20 pounds. I am now only 20 more pounds away from my high school weight. (woo!) Not only did this pill help me lose my weight, i also helped clear up my acne. Although I still get the cysts, they are no where near as bad as before. Before, I couldn't open my mouth to eat, and now you can barely tell if I wear makeup. I think the only down side to this method is that I'm terrible at taking the pill. The only thing I haven't experienced before is intense cravings during menstruation. & OMG I could eat all the sweets if you asked me to 

"I was just thinking, I've been sexually irresponsible enough in my life thus far that I should have gotten pregnant by now and I never have. Like, I get my period at the same time, on the same day, of every monthly cycle, my entire life, like it's never strayed from that." - story of my life, quoted from Girls, S01E02..Vagina Panic.

Weeeellllll, I hope you enjoyed my experience on different birth controls. Sorry not sorry if my opine is biased on the IUD. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

See ya next time. (:

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