Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I swear we mentioned this in class at least once....

Okay, I honestly don’t know when it came up exactly, maybe when we were talking about some of the technology used in research (or maybe I was imagining things, who knows) and then somehow shoving things up butts was mentioned, but anyway I just couldn’t stop thinking about this so…. Yeah. I give you all this great video called, “Not In Your Butt.” It’s quite interesting and I just think like, if more people saw videos like this then maybe they wouldn't do something totally not safe and stick to the better choices like products actually made for this sort of thing..... Whether we briefly mentioned it or had a small discussion, I couldn’t quite remember because the minute I heard it all I could think of was this video. So yeah, here you go guys it’s a really interesting video but the moral of the story is there are things MADE to be put in your butt, go find those products and use them if you wanna do that kind of stuff!!!!! It kind of makes me think if it's a mixture of various things like lack of education or knowledge? because some of this to me just really doesn't make sense at all.... Like, if it was more acceptable to teach these kinds of things and to let others know that here are safer practices out there, would there be less of this stuff happening? :

 & if the video isn't working here is the link:

But now other class stuff:
In terms of if the question we talked about if the government should fund research about sex I’m kind of still mixed on whether or not I think they should. Part of me feels like it will give people more opportunities to do studies with more resources at their disposal, but I also think that there are some entities in the government that would try to control too much on what is being researched to the point where some of it might be skewed or not inclusive enough to educate people. I want to say yes or no, but I keep seeing the same amount of pros and cons so I haven't quite reached a decision myself.

Also I really didn’t really know about the female circumcision stuff until class. I just never really thought about it or looked up that kind of stuff, but now that I know about it that kind of stuff really terrifies me and class discussion really opened my eyes on the subject and has made me start to read into it all a bit more than before.

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