Thursday, February 4, 2016

In relation to FGM, "Breast Ironing"

As we talked about FGM in class, I remembered a documentary that I watched about "breast ironing".

The act is practiced when usually a mother or grandmother notices that there child is going through puberty.  Rape and sexual assault is common in the areas where this is practiced.  So the mothers and grandmothers try to protect their children in the belief that they are stopping unwanted attention from men, (also other reasons, staying in school etc.), but I believe this is main driving reason.  It's a shame that women do this as a last result to protect their children.  Not a shame on the women that practice it (though they should be educated about not doing it) but a shame that men are the reason behind "breast ironing".  What's yall's thoughts on this practice?  I feel terrible for the poor girls that go through this.    

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