Thursday, February 11, 2016

It's just a flesh wound ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It's kind of funny that we bring this up. My significant other and I were just talking about this other day.
It kind of started out as a conversation about neutering the dog...

Me: "He's kind of aggressive, and as he gets older doesn't it make him like, less aggressive? Plus he's starting to hump the other dog and it's kind of weird.."
Him: "You're dog is literally 5 pounds, and you want to go and chop his balls off? He's so tiny to go through that much pain."
Me: "Yeah...but, he's mean..."
Him: "And? That's a lot of pain for a little puppy."

And somewhere in the midst of us discussing chopping our puppies balls off (which btw i watched a video and omg i couldn't do that) (PSS don't ever watch the video...or do), we got onto the discussion of circumcising children.
it may be important to note that he isn't circumcised. 

This got me to thinking. So I asked him, as weirdly as it may be (hey I'm nosy and I'm proud!) if his dad was circumcised and if he knew why his parents didn't circumcise him.

Ha! His dad isn't either, and their reasoning? Someone that tiny shouldn't have to go through that much pain when they don't have the decision. Mother nature put it there, and if it isn't doing any harm why should you mess with it?

Eh, interesting enough argument I guess. But it did get me to thinking for myself.

Before this conversation I had no prior knowledge really to circumcision. I mean, I knew what it was, and what it looked like...but I didn't know the facts or statistics or really how it was performed.

Recently my friend had her baby, and decided to get him circumcised. As her baby got bigger she began to notice something strange. When she took him into the hospital, they told her that he had not been circumcised correctly. Half the foreskin was off and half was still covering one side. Since much time had passed she told me she wouldn't be able to get him circumcision fixed until he was older. WHAT. Half of its on, half of its off..AND HE CAN'T GET IT FIXED UNTIL HE'S OLDER. That's insane. How painful!

Another example? My friend was having sex with her boyfriend. He's uncircumcised and all of the sudden he felt a sharp pain. His foreskin ripped. He started bleeding everywhere. Long story short, he had to go get it cut the age of 18..yikes.

Through further though and discussion with my significant other, we decided that circumcising a child would probably not be the best option for us. And my friends stories? Just another reason I wouldn't want to circumcise my child.

And seriously, teaching your child to clean their genitals and proper sexual education isn't too complicated.

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