Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day

The article that was sent out right after class, caught my eye!

The title of the article was, "For Centuries, Leap Day was the Most Feminist Day on the Calendar.
I thought this article was very interesting because before the statement said in class about "Leap Day". I did not know this day was meant to be so empowering to female(s). Personally I took the fact that a woman proposes on Leap Day to be an empowering concept. Considering the proposal goes against social norms. After further thought on this subject I realized, "Is this concept of Leap Day proposals that empowering?" As the article stated the idea, "Can a woman only propose once every four years?" Overall, the social norm is for the male to propose to the female. Why can't we challenge the social norm all together? Leap Day presents a challenge that it is okay to go against the social norm. In my opinion, females should stop believing that certain "rituals" or concepts are for the male(s) to handle or take charge.

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