Wednesday, February 17, 2016

losing what you never had.

while we had the panel it suprised me that no one wanted to as David about his wifes miscarriages. I was the only one who seemed to ask about it at all. This worried me because women go through this almost as much as they give birth and no one wanted to know about it. I my self have gone through both a miscarriage and an abortion when I was younger. I am 21 now, and yet not one woman seemed to want to know about the emotion side, or what goes on with one. I am hoping people just thought it was nice to not ask about it, instead of wanting to avoid that topic.

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  1. I don't think that it was necessarily that no one wanted to know about it. For me, I wasn't sure what the appropriate questions were to ask, and I also didn't want to be too invasive. I was definitely curious about the miscarriages, and what that was like, but I also kept in mind of what Ms. Stone said about how it takes bravery, and courage to get up in front of a group that are sharing there stories. I definitely agree with you that it's something that should be talked about and not ignored, but I think it's also a super sensitive topic, and people might have been afraid to address it, just out of respect for him and his wife...At least that was the case for me.